Pauline Marois: Do you need proof she is a Dimwit?

What ya know we have found an Organ Grinders Monkey!

Pauline Marois gets the Dimwit of the day award, thank god.

Here she is clanging the symbols together with the student protestors in the streets of Montreal.

Could a person who wants to be Premier be any stupider?

Charest should call an election today!

And we in BC thought we were the only ones that laid claim to their very own Dimwit,it seems Christy Clark has company!

Can anything top this?

BC Rail: Christy Clark Should Order a Full,Immediate and Quick Inquiry!

Enough pictures already,CALL the Inquiry!

David Basi’s memo makes a great case that Christy Clark is a liar.

Clark has fumbled and BS’d around on this and other files since she took over as Premier.

Assuming she has nothing to hide she should have gotten out in front of this her early days as Premier.

She hasn’t and now she has nobody but herself to blame for all the trouble that she is in.

Instead of sending attack dog and resident dimwit of the Premier’s office, Sarah MacIntyre, on the offensive ,Christy Clark should call an immediate,no holds barred inquiry into BC Rail.

I mean if she has nothing to hide what would stop her?

She seems to be reviewing everything else the government does.

So what harm does one more review do? ( If she has nothing to hide).

I bet the expanse of the inquiry would be something to taxpayer would be glad to pay to put behind them.

So Clark should do the right thing ( if she has nothing to hide) and call the inquiry.

After all the public has been clamoring for her to get out in front of this file since she took the oath of office.

So Premier,if you have nothing to hide, do the right thing and call an inquiry and specially have the role you played thoroughly reviewed.

It’s the right thing to do!

What do you think?

Jinny Sims will stop at nothing to get her picture taken!

Socialist Sims causing trouble at the Surrey Board of Trade!

It seems Jinny Sims needs to learn the difference between a non partisan event and a partisan event.

Sims joined a group of protestors this morning which drew police officers at what was supposed to be a peaceful business breakfast at the Surrey Board of Trade.

One heckler managed to get inside but was eventually shown the door.

Guest Speaker Jason Kenney was on hand addressing Surrey Board of Trade people on recent changes to Immigration law.

Nothing wrong with people protesting what they think is a legitimate concern, but our MPs need to stay away from protests at non partisan events.

There are better ways to get pho-ops!

World Markets- Down again!

One common denominator between then and now is the public’s attraction to socialist parties!

I know the market has been down 8 of the last 9 Mondays so no big deal right?

Uh no? Economists around the world think we are on the way to a depression never mind a recession.

After the market got hammered on Thursday, it more or less broke even on Friday. This was probably because most traders headed for the hills and regrouped over the weekend?

The market today lost anywhere from 1-2 % depending on where you live.

Factors to watch tomorrow:

1) Moody’s said after closing that last week changes to mortgages are good but maybe to little to late.

2) Moody’s downgraded 28 Spanish banks due to increases debt risks.

3) Greece’s Finance Minister resigned due to ill health. He had been on the job a whole week and suffered abdominal pain, nausea and dizziness.( How else would you feel after looking at their books)

Lets see what happens.

What do you think?

What should be happening in the BC Liberal Party.

Time to play Change the Leader!

In light of the damning memo revealed on the blog of Alex G.Tsakumis, my experience in politics tells me that although the Liberals are putting on a brave face, discussions have to have started within the BC Liberal Party with respect to Clark and her leadership.

I believe and have seen this before that the time for pussy footing around is long past.

The BC Liberal Executive would have at the very least discussed this issue over the phone and if they haven’t met in person will do so shortly.

As well I am sure the cabinet or members of the BC Liberal Cabinet would have or will start discussing Clark’s leadership too!

For these people it is a matter of survival especially for the elected MLA’s for who this is their job.

You will soon see that the family first agenda applies to their families.

I am sure that the Executive will ( if they have not already) reach out too a trusted colleague like a Shirley Bond .

They would probably want her as a senior cabinet minister to approach the Premier and ask her to step down.

That person would meet with cabinet and discuss the best approach.

This happens only when the party is serious about cleaning up its act in the short term as surely the Liberals would be now.

The nagging question is Who will replace Clark?

Christy Clark Must Go!

I solemnly swear to lie like a rug!

Just when you thought the wacky world of Premier Christy Clark couldn’t get any stupider, she stands on her her soap box , attempts to exonerate incompetent Cabinet Minister Stephanie Cadieux and then blames the whole sordid CLBC screw up on the NDP.

Unless Adrian Dix is a ventriloquist and projected Stephanie to say and do the dumb things she has done since she got the file, how on earth do you hold the NDP accountable for yet another BC Liberal gaffe?

What does she not get?

The Liberals had one of their worst weeks ever and it was largely once again due to the fact that they never take ownership/ leadership of their mistakes.

Their worst weeks ever that is, until this week.

Today,damning evidence came to light showing clearly Premier Clark has lied about her involvement in the BC Rail fiasco.

Tsakumis nails her and confirms beyond the shadow of a doubt the PREMIER IS THE CHARLATAN WE ALL KNEW HER TO BE! ( Charlatan is probably to week a word, liar,cheat and sleaze would be more appropriate)

How on earth do we expect people to vote or get involved with politics with a Premier who tells one lie after another?

She even lied to get the bloody job! In the real world that in itself is cause for dismissal.

In the name of restoring honesty and integrity to the Premier’s office, Clark Must Go!

Wouldn’t you agree?

Greens and Liberals to Merge?

Not even she is that dumb!

No not as long as Elizabeth May represents Saanich-Gulf Islands.


The Number one reason the Liberals and the Greens will not Merge?

The Good People of Saanich-Gulf Islands will never in a million years elect a Liberal.

Elizabeth May will lose her seat and that will be it.

Still not convinced, the thousands of volunteers that came from all over Canada to elect Elizabeth May will stay home ( they are not Liberals) and you can refer back to reason number one why she will lose her seat.

Care to comment?

Two Faced Marois drops Red Square as National Unity debate rears it’s Ugly Head!

Not this Crap again!

Raise your hand if you are in the mood for another round of National Unity BS.

With the recent by-election win by the PQ that kinda of talk is once again in the air.

In her usual I will do what ever it takes to create the winning conditions for a referendum pose, PQ Leader Pauline Marios has ceased wearing the red square she had on during the height of the student protests.

She says she took it off for St.Jean Baptiste day, I say with a potential election on the horizon, her handlers told her that the voters would think her an idiot for continuing to support the union backed student demonstrations and riots.

Can Quebec and Canada afford to get into this divisive issue a this point in out history?

Canada’s economy is fragile enough without the voters in Quebec handing Marois and her group of treasonous MNAs a reason to have a costly referendum which will no doubt cause markets to rattle and tank worse than they already are.

To show the seriousness of the situation, Prime Minister Harper went to visit former PM Brian Mulroney and current Premier of Quebec Jean Charest just to get their point of view on how to handle this potential crisis.

I wonder if he asked Charest how he got us into this mess?

Tonight PM Harper will follow-up those meetings with a speech targeted at revitalizing the party in the province and yes lay the foundation for a Quebec appeal.

Harper’s team also says they will work with whoever wins the election even if it’s the PQ.

Of course Tommy Mulcair says this is too little to late.

One can only imagine the state of unity if Mulcair and the dippers were in charge of the file.

They would give Quebec whatever is left of the Canadian farm while taxing the rest of us to pay for it.

Do you think Quebec will plunge us into a national unity debate with the world economy teetering on the brink?

If Kevin Falcon doesn’t Trust Premier Christy Clark why should You?

This is directed squarely at you Christy, stop with the unapproved spending!

This post could also be called Christy Clark: Et Tu, Kevin Part 2.

This is not the first time Kevin Falcon has been front and center rapping the Premier over the Financial knuckles and the “leaked” memo is more than likely directed towards Premier Christy Clark and all her photo-optic financial announcements.

This might also explain Transportation Minister Blair Lekstrom not wanting to discuss tolling costs for the Port Mann Bridge.

But make no mistake about it, this is yet another shot across the bow of the lame duck leadership of Premier Christy Clark.

Combine that with recent poll results showing Clark no longer out performs her party and you gotta wonder how long before things get really ugly!

How much longer before Christy Clark is shown the door?

What do you think, will the caucus get rid of her or will it be the electorate in May 2013?

Sh*t my Premier Says

Believe me,Nobody BS’s and Lies like Premier Clark!

It seems every Friday we end with a blog post detailing the Shenanigans, Gaffes and Bulls*t Premier Christy Clark and her Government are responsible for..

Every week we get hand delivered a new set of lies . It’s almost as if you can go to the BC Liberal web site,enter your email or subscribe and get straight to your inbox this weeks nonsense.

It’s simple just set up a Google Alert and every night like a horror movie your Blackberry or iPhone goes ping and you can see first hand what Christy Clark screwed up that day.

Be prepared,each nights Alert is a long list.

This week I have received a plethora of stories from such authors as Ales G Tsakumis , Warren Kinsella and Michael Smyth. Tonight no doubt I will get one from Lindsay Kines.

Sometimes I even get my own, although this week I entitled my Blog Piece about the fumbling of the Clark Government: Stephanie Cadieux should resign! I don’t have an Alert set up for her because, well, she is irrelevant.( I heard her on the radio a day or so later and she sounded even more incompetent on that medium)

This brings us to a piece by Justine Hunter discussing the BC Liberals trying to work out their differences with the BC Conservatives.

No matter what Fantasy land Phil Hochstein or John Reynolds live in, this will never happen.

The Clark Government don’t know how to tell the truth and certainly will never earn my trust.( or the voting public’s for that matter)

A child could be drowning in the Fraser River and Clark and her entire cabinet could form a chain and pull the kid to safety. The public’s reaction: So what; they were probably looking for a photo-op and tossed the kid there in the first place!

Nothing can save these people because they have passed the point of no return. Certainly no BC Conservative I have ever met would want to join up with them.

Why would we. These people are arrogant and corrupt as we shall see if we ever get lucky enough to have a full inquiry into BC Rail.

They need to be flushed away in the next election.

For a lot of us with Christy Clark in Google Alerts it can’t come soon enough!

What are your thoughts?