BC Conservatives: The AGM

Election Night in Chilliwack; In Happier Times?

Tomorrow is the day Conservatives in BC have been waiting for for a long time.

It is the occasion of the final BC Conservative AGM before the May 2013 election,maybe.

For that to happen John Cummins has to win the leadership handily and the BC Liberals have to keep their word and actually have the election in May and not pull some legislative shenanigans in early 2013 and change the date to the fall.

What will happen at the AGM tomorrow? Will there be winners and losers?

I believe that question is a lot more complicated than you think.

Read on.

John Cummins can win and hold onto his leadership tomorrow but still lose the war.

This would happen if John Van Dongen uses the occasion of the Cummins victory speech to declare that he is running as an independent. Stranger things have happened in politics. ( This is not easy for Van Dongen either)

John Cummins could lose his leadership tomorrow ( I don’t think so) and open the whole party up to more infighting and a nasty leadership vote.

This leadership vote ,should it occur has the potential to be even nastier the the goings on lately because there could be more than 1 other party involved.

If you are reading this and you say that’s right,they could enter negotiations with the BC Liberals to unify the so-called free enterprise vote you are only partially correct.

Partially because if you have been watching the news lately you would have seen the dormant BC First party slowly arising from hibernation in the form of an endorsement from Bill Vander Zalm.

I am not one to believe in coincidences and have read the accounts in the MSM about Vander Zalm friends Ben Besler and John Crocock building a slate to take on the rest of the folks running for the provincial board under the guise of wanted to do politics different.

I have seen and heard motions from one or the other and seconded by one or the other that reek of more old style politics than most other amateur politicians I can think of.

To wit: Besler introduces a motion to give away memberships for free and is seconded by Crocock. This of course is shot down in flames as scandalous by the sane people on the board.

This is old school politics and so is telling potential nomination candidates that certain ridings are unavailable to run in because they are reserved for board members. ( I will let you use your imagination to figure out which one of these guys did that)

Not only is that old school politics but it also is a form of empire building at a time when most political parties, Conservatives included are tying to clean that up.

The instigator slate has not yet registered for the AGM and no that does not mean they have had a change of heart. It just means more of the old school type of politics.

So when they say they stand for something different don’t believe it for a minute.

In the last week and by the latest poll, the BC Conservative Party has gone down about 7% in the polls and a good part of this has been brought on by the instigator slate.

Chris Delaney,Bill Vander Zalm,Sal Vetro and the BC First team must be having a good laugh.

So are the inept Christy Clark led BC Liberals who today siphoned off former by-election candidate and third place finisher John Martin.

At a time when Conservatives should be attacking the opposition, Besler, Crocock and Co. have been busy attacking themselves and shooting their own party in the foot.

What this does is leave the door wide open for the BC Liberals and now the BC First Crew to tussle over the vote.

What do you think. What will happen tomorrow and do you care?

Coalition Avenir Quebec kicks off Potential Election by Turfing Candidate!

Sovereignists Racists? Where did you ever get an idea like that?

Coalition Avenir Quebec Candidate Kamal Lufti was turfed by his party today for tweeting that sovereignists are racists.

A great start from the new party who wants to make an impact on an election some say will be called August 1st.

Wonder how that compares to some of the things today’s student demonstrators more than likely were saying about Jean Charest and his Liberals?

The unfortunate thing was that Lufti was not necessarily wrong, given the closing remarks of head Separatist Klansman Jacques Parizeau after the last referendum.

After-all they did lose that vote because of money and the ethnic vote didn’t they?

Another Poll Another nail in Christy Clark’s Coffin!

The Liberal Vancouver sun continues to run the picture used for affair l’farebeat forgetting that most people would prefer to throw Clark under that train rather than hold Dix accountable for his actions.

Angus Reid released the most damning poll of all for the future on the Clark BC Liberals and for Premier Christy Clark herself!

Not only does the poll show that the BC Conservatives are on the rise ( up 3%) but it also tells the tale of the women voter.

You would think that Clark would have the market cornered on that segment of the population but not so, she has lost that too!

The worst news for Clark and crew to come out of the Angus Reid research?

That would be the numbers that say people feel Dix and the socialists are better able to manage the economy.

I will say that again so there is no mistake: Polled Voters think a bunch of socialists are better able to manage the economy than the supposed Free enterprise Chumpion Clark.

Not only that, the poll goes on to say that 55% of those folk’s opinion of Clark has worsened!

Furthermore 64% of those people disapprove of the way she does the job.

No wonder Dave Hayer didn’t say thanks!

How bad is that?

If the BC Liberal Executive has pulled themselves up off the floor and are paying attention: this poll spells the end of Christina Joan Clark.

You cannot and will not form government in the next election.

In fact the momentum is now with the BC Conservatives!

This poll also sends a message to Peter Brown and it would be : Mr.Brown you are backing the wrong horse!

What do you think?

Why the Liberals won’t win the next election: They think they are Better than Everybody!

Terry Becker is too good to shop here!

The BC Liberals have always talked and acted like they are above everybody else.

They try to be smug and convey to people that they are better.

Recently, potential candidate Terry Becker was interviewed by on-line publication Pitt Meadows today

What conveyed that my you know what doesn’t stink , the I am better and above you attitude so prevalent with the BC Liberals and their candidates is this ” Personally, I do not shop at Walmart. I believe that this kind of business does not help our community.”

What a dope!

Walmart not only creates jobs in the community but Terry might be surprised to know a lot of people that shop and work there ACTUALLY VOTE!

Not the type to vote for her of course because , well, she is too good to shop there.

In fact Walmart shoppers and workers everywhere in BC ought to pay heed: The BC Liberals don’t like you!

So Terry if you run for the nomination ( If time allows and you are not busy tweeting from BC Liberal golf tournaments) and the BC Liberal members are dumb enough to vote for you, you deserve what you will get at the ballot box, namely a third or fourth place finish and a hasty exit from politics.

Have we not had our fill of this type of political wanna be?

BC Liberal Government Knows They are going to Lose the Next Election!

Clark has already had practice with a concession speech after the HST debacle,she should be good at it by now!

Why else would would they opt for intervener status in the Enbridge oil pipeline proposal.

Not only that but since this is not due to finish until late 2013 they are leaving a hand grenade without the pin for the NDP to deal with.( The dippers are on record as being against this issue which will put them on course for a head on collision with the Harper government should the proposal get “green lighted”)

Before you think I feel bad for the NDP I don’t.

I just think the Clark Government who claims to have a families first agenda,should have at least had some reports or queries to file by the January deadline.

Let’s face it, the Premier is on record saying she will sit squarely on the fence until she sees the results of the study before going one way or another on the issue.

So why not take advantage of the opportunity and at least ask the questions that concern YOU?

Why miss the deadlines Premier?

Better yet if you care so much about the result why not be a government participant in the study?

To me the answer is obvious: The results of the proposal hearing will be released after the election and they know they are going to lose so they don’t care!

What do you think?

BC Rail: Christy Clark Should Order a Full,Immediate and Quick Inquiry!

Enough pictures already,CALL the Inquiry!

David Basi’s memo makes a great case that Christy Clark is a liar.

Clark has fumbled and BS’d around on this and other files since she took over as Premier.

Assuming she has nothing to hide she should have gotten out in front of this her early days as Premier.

She hasn’t and now she has nobody but herself to blame for all the trouble that she is in.

Instead of sending attack dog and resident dimwit of the Premier’s office, Sarah MacIntyre, on the offensive ,Christy Clark should call an immediate,no holds barred inquiry into BC Rail.

I mean if she has nothing to hide what would stop her?

She seems to be reviewing everything else the government does.

So what harm does one more review do? ( If she has nothing to hide).

I bet the expanse of the inquiry would be something to taxpayer would be glad to pay to put behind them.

So Clark should do the right thing ( if she has nothing to hide) and call the inquiry.

After all the public has been clamoring for her to get out in front of this file since she took the oath of office.

So Premier,if you have nothing to hide, do the right thing and call an inquiry and specially have the role you played thoroughly reviewed.

It’s the right thing to do!

What do you think?

What should be happening in the BC Liberal Party.

Time to play Change the Leader!

In light of the damning memo revealed on the blog of Alex G.Tsakumis, my experience in politics tells me that although the Liberals are putting on a brave face, discussions have to have started within the BC Liberal Party with respect to Clark and her leadership.

I believe and have seen this before that the time for pussy footing around is long past.

The BC Liberal Executive would have at the very least discussed this issue over the phone and if they haven’t met in person will do so shortly.

As well I am sure the cabinet or members of the BC Liberal Cabinet would have or will start discussing Clark’s leadership too!

For these people it is a matter of survival especially for the elected MLA’s for who this is their job.

You will soon see that the family first agenda applies to their families.

I am sure that the Executive will ( if they have not already) reach out too a trusted colleague like a Shirley Bond .

They would probably want her as a senior cabinet minister to approach the Premier and ask her to step down.

That person would meet with cabinet and discuss the best approach.

This happens only when the party is serious about cleaning up its act in the short term as surely the Liberals would be now.

The nagging question is Who will replace Clark?

On October 21 the BCNDP and Adrian Dix will get a chance to define themselves!

Who will Win Mayor Moonbeams old Riding?

The coming battle between Geoff Meggs and George Heyman in Vancouver Fairview will present Adrian Dix and the BCNDP at chance to define themselves.

In one corner you have Geoff ( I declare war on the car and lean-to the far left ) Meggs versus George ( I am in the center and would have made a good leader) Heyman.

This nomination will be worth watching for a lot of reasons:

Will Adrian come out and support buddy Geoff sending a message he like his friends and that the party is veering left?

Will he support George and send a centrist message to the voting public?

Will Meggs if he wins immediately resign his municipal Councillors seat?

Will Mayor Moonbeam get involved and demonstrate a win for Meggs means bicycle lanes across the province? ( Maybe they will put one up one the Pat Bay Highway from the ferry terminal to the legislature for Meggs to peddle his way to work?)

Will George learn the hard way that even though he thinks he is going to win there will be a busload of last-minute membership sign ups for Meggs enabling him to defeat from the jaws of certain victory?

Will Adrian sit squarely on the fence,support neither of them and still profess to be a leader?

What do you think,will this race define the BCNDP?

Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way!

I solemnly swear to be the best Follower I can be because I don’t have a clue how to Lead. I will do so until I am shown the door and told to Get Out of the way!

Nice I headline to start today’s blog. I didn’t make that up either.( As in just like the headline I didn’t make up yesterday if you are new to my blog).

It comes via a friend from Thomas Paine one of the founding fathers of the gold ole USA and can be found in his paper ” The Crisis”

It is a fitting metaphor that political writers use when political leaders are in over their head and decide to be followers rather than leaders.

Our current and soon to be deposed Premier Christy Clark finds herself in a “Crisis” of her own making in that rather than doing the things she promised to do when she ran to be the leader she chose to be a follower of her people in Cabinet.

These would be the same people who created the mess that she had the opportunity to show leadership on when she first became Premier un-elect.

So now, as the quote says she will likely be told to get out of the way.

How long do you think it will take?

Supreme Court to hear Etobicoke Centre case!

He won fair and square. The Courts should butt out!

I find the Etobicoke Center case to be interesting not just because I am a Conservative with a vested interest ( I hate losing) but because as a Campaign Manager in the last election I went to a number of Elections Canada meetings for both of the Electoral Districts I worked in.

For what it’s worth they were located in Langley and Surrey British Columbia.

This question was front and center at all the meetings because a lot of us were startled by Elections Canada’s rules regarding specifically homeless people voting.

Essentially we were told that if a homeless person approached the booth and said he lived in the area he or she was eligible to vote.

Recently,as I am sure you are aware an Ontario Court judge tossed out the election result in which the Conservative Ted Opitz won by a mere 26 votes.

What the correct thing to do is anybody’s guess and I have my opinions and I will share them shortly.

This whole thing reminds me of voting in Saskatchewan in the late 80’s and early 90’s. As scrutineers we were always warned about a certain political party ( I was a conservative, It was not the Liberals and the green and Saskatchewan Party did not exist back then) would fill up vacant rental house just before the election with students,drunks etc, and get them to vote repeatedly.

Most scrutineers were stressed and tense and I recall challenging many a vote.( Hey you have already voted get lost!)

In the case of Etobicoke Centre I feel for all the people involved.

I feel for our guy because as the judge said he did nothing wrong and it was because of Elections Canada’s rules that this happened.

I feel for the Liberal ( not really he’s a Liberal) who lost his seat by 26 votes.

I feel for the voters who had their result tossed out.

The problem as I see it in tossing out the result a year later is that it does not take into consideration the climate on the original voting day as compared to what exists now over a year later.

People voted not just for Opitz but to toss Igantieff out!

Quite frankly Mr. Opitz will get screwed if this Ontario court judges ruling is allowed to stand.

What I think should happen is that the Supreme court should throw out the Ontario judges ruling for a number of reasons.

They would be: Courts should not interfere in election results otherwise every close result will be referred to the courts who have no business getting involved.

Secondly people vote on a given day for a given reason. That can change 13 months or more later and is also not fair to the process.( See giving Mike Ignatieff the high hard one above)

What should happen is that the Supreme Court Should allow the election result to stand and admonish Elections Canada for the stupidity of the rules. They should give it a year to report back to the court with streamlined rules to prevent this from happening again.

Everybody should have to show proper ID to vote, no exceptions!

What do you think?