Pigs at the Trough! Disgusting! #bcpoli #canpoli #LindaReid #BCSpeakeroftheHouse

Another BC Politician tarnishes Petunia’s Good name !

Here we go again.

Hot on the heels of the Jenny Kwan expense scandal comes BC Speaker of the House Linda Reid with her own rendition of the hit song ” It’s not wrong, it’s within the rules“.

When asked if she would do it again, did she say no?

No she said she would have the conversation with audits to see if the practice would remain the same!

She doesn’t get it!

The sense of entitlement is disgusting and both she and the people that put her in the job should be ashamed.

This is her second go around in the expense trough with the first being the $48,000 touch screen computer terminal.

Linda Reid should do the right thing and step down, resign and leave politics.

If she doesn’t her colleagues ought to shame her into leaving starting with the Premier.

This is a reflection on her government.

Does nobody in the provincial elected house take taxpayers money seriously?

When will it stop?

The Jenny Kwan Saga: My View #bcpoli #bcleg #canpoli #resignation #bcndp

What? Did you three think you were going to get off that easy?

By now most people have read the sordid tale of the Portland Hotel Society.

Lost in all this as usual are the taxpayers and in particular the constituents of Jenny Kwan’s own riding.

They are lost because she ,during her teary eyed press conference yesterday, pledged to step away from politics and take a sabbatical.

This is of litle help to the people of her riding,Vancouver-Mt.Pleasant because it means they will not be represented in the house as long as that sabbatical continues.

In my view that is a sham.

It is also, in my opinion, scandalous, that the current leader of the BCNDP ( Adrian Dix) and the two leadership hopefuls ( John Horgan and Mike Farnsworth) have not come out and taken a strong stand and asked her to step aside.

In fact they haven’t said anything. How do they think the voting public will take them seriously in 2017.

Stepping aside for Kwan and taking a stance by leadership would be the right thing to do.

Somebody said to me yesterday even if she did resign and a by election were held the riding would still vote BCNDP.

My answer? So what! The people of Vancouver- Mt. Pleasant should be represented in the house like all other ridings.

As far as Kwan goes? She would be able to run for nomination in the lead up to the next election and if she wins, she’s the people’s choice.

But her actions yesterday have silenced the people of her riding, and that’s wrong.

The BCNDP Leadership and Kwan should be ashamed, no matter how you spin it!

“Le Shove” Will it Catch On? #canpoli #bcpoli #abpoli #qcpoli

What’s with all this shoving going on?

Pauline Marois has started something with her recent shove of Pierre Karl Peledeau from the podium in a recent Q and A session during the Quebec election.

I think before this election is over Pierre will give her the “Le Shove’ back.

In recent days in Alberta, it seems the PC Party is getting ready to tell free spending leader , bully and Premier Alison Redford to “Shove Off“. In fact a second MLA has just left to sit as an independent and out of her caucus.

Federally, Liberal candidates are now telling leader Justin Trudeau to “Shove it” and backing away from party nominations.

I suspect in 2015 voters will tell him the same thing.

Pretty soon ” Le Shove” will be Canada’s national dance!

Pierre Karl Peladeau The Man Who Would Be King ! #canpoli #bcpoli #qcpoli #pqpoli

Pauline Marois does it again!

In another move, reminiscent of Pauline Marois looking stupid and playing the Symbols in the run up to last years Quebec election, The Premier has appointed so called superstar candidate Pierre Karl Peladeau to run for the PQ team in the curent election.

With this move I predict thankfully that Pauline will pull a BCNDP and turn certain victory into the jaws of defeat in this camapign.

Peladeau already thinks the political arena is his to own and has gone on record proving he does not understand politics and the people who he thinks are peasants who he would like to elect him.

To Wit: He thinks he is beyond the reach of the ethics boss in Quebec at a time when the average voter in Quebec and Canada for that matter want openness and transparency.

It is a political strategy that the government tries to choose an issue and define what the election is all about.

He has made the election all about sovereignty with his radio interview proclamation that if it wasn’t for the separatist cause he would not be part of the election team.

A recent poll shows that 61% of Quebecers want nothing to do with separation.

Given those numbers the Quebec voter gets the big chance now to avoid the walk down referendum boulevard and vote these people out before they waste taxpayers money on another needless vote they can’t win.

The smart money says they will.

Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard should hammer the PQ,Marois and Peladeau hard everyday until the election is over.

It’s my bet that Marois,Peladeau and crew won’t handle the pressure and the internal bickering will start resulting in the aforementioned blown election.

Peladeau play second fiddle to Marois? Not for long!

Just watch.

It should be an interesting ride.

What’s your prediction on the outcome?

Quebec Election: Time for Liberal Couillard to Grow a Set! #canpoli #qcpoli #bcpoli

Time for Couillard to Step Up To The Plate!

Should Lieutenant-Governor Pierre Duchesne disolve the house in Quebec today ( As requested by Premier Pauline Marois) Quebeckers will begin the walk down the slippery slope to the next referendum.

You can rest assured if the PQ gets a majority they will venture down that path simply because most of the Separatist antagonists are old enough that this will be their last kick at the Canadian cat! ( I know it’s a beaver ).

The latest poll shows Marois and crew up some 22% where it matters in the French Hinterland.

The only good thing about this poll is that it’s a poll and lately the pollsters have been wrong more than they have been right.

What will it take to get the Liberals back in the game?

Firstly, Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard will have to grow a set of balls and dispense with the wishy washiness hes displayed when the PQ introduced the secular charter.

That in itself is a major reason why the polls are so high in Marois favor.

Secondly the old separatist guard, many who came out against the secular charter ( which is expected to be the centerpiece of Marois election plan) will have to come out of the closet and re state their position on it.

I am sure people like Jacques Parizeau will and that will cause Marois problems.

It’s ironic when you think about it that if you are hoping that the PQ loses and that Canada stays together, Parizeau, after all his seperatist bluster, might inadvertently turn out to be your hero :)!

Lastly, there is enough potential for sordid detals to come out of the Quebec Curruption hearings that may cause Quebecers to show enough disgust for the two regular parties and vote CDQ in protest.

Should the house be dissolved today, what do you think will happen? PQ majority? Another minority?

Do you care?