Who is the Worst Premier in Canada? #bcpoli #canpoli

This is no laughing matter!

As we head into a new week in this the silly season ( two days ago I was in shorts, today I looked for a parka, right now an ark) I thought it a good time to ask just who is the worst premier in Canada?

Could it be Christy Who? You know the premier who in her heart has vanished, shut down the legislature until spring?

Could it be Pauline, let’s have a secular treaty and see what that does for our economy and for our chances of re-election?

Could it be *Kathleen Wynne whose policies are killing the Ontario economy and who threatened the two other parties propping up her minority government with an election she would surely lose.

Tough choices to be sure.

For the time being I give the nod to Marios and Wynne two premiers who are turning Canada’s largest provinces and the supposed economic drivers into have-nots.

How about you?

* Wynne had help from a man named McGuinty but she is continuing his tradition.

17 thoughts on “Who is the Worst Premier in Canada? #bcpoli #canpoli”

  1. Hello when my utility bills are more than my morg., or food something is wrong very wrong! I thought the hydro belong to ontario people . So before we sold it ,there should have been a vote of the people! What give Whynn the write to just sell it all off ? Is it only hers??? Wynne Just go, go away no body wants you or likes you GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  2. There are so many candidates,it's very difficult to choose. For the sake of this poll, all candidates have their strengths, corruption, lying, deceit, backroom bribery,violations of law and the Charter, sweetheart deals with friends and lovers…..

    This is more difficult than choosing the best hockey player of all time.

    But,in view of the contracts Wynne saw awarded to her significant other,I'll give my vote to Premier Kathleen Wynne.

    But, give Our Christy time,she's a fast learner.

  3. What about Redfraud in Alberta?? This UN Agenda 21 hack is systematically driving the most prosperous Province in Canada into have not status. Then where will the center of the universe (Ont and que) get their equalization money from.

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