Clark and Marois: Two Extortionist Peas in a Pod!

If Clark can pull this crap why not me?

With talk of a Quebec election the talk of the never-ending referendum has started up again.

This time Quebec MNA and nutcase Bernard Drainville, in anticipation of an election victory ( read: taking the Quebec electorate for granted) unveiled extortion plans to get the referendum happening when the PQ get to power.

Why shouldn’t Marois and her team get into the act?

It comes on the heels of last weeks hijacking of the Premiers meeting by dimwitted BC Premier Christy Clark who stood on her soap box in what will no doubt be a vain attempt to extort money from Alberta and buy votes from the good citizens of BC.

This is obviously a case of monkey see monkey do as Clark looks in the mirror and sees Marois and vice versa!

Stuck in the middle? Some say Prime Minister Harper.

The real answer is the taxpayer who will no doubt foot the bill for these shenanigans.

Had enough yet?

Who do you think will do the Extortion Shuffle next?

Christy Clark pulls a Rene Levesque on the National Stage!

Redford : Out here in Alberta we have a saying: Shoot,Shovel and Shut Up! Ms. Clark if I were you I would consider shutting up!

Christy Clark has gone from alienating most of the voters in BC to pissing off the Rest of Canada.

The ROC now see how fortunate they were when Clark earlier skipped the Western Premiers Meeting.

Clark has taken this weeks affair and instead of being a good leader on a strong Canadian team , stood on the national stage trolling for votes needed to save her political life.

There is a fine line between tough and stupid and with her outrageous demands Clark once again crossed it.

You want more money? Go on record and tell us what our votes are worth. Then how about conducting a normal business deal? Call Enbridge and negotiate with them.

That, however would require Clark and her government to take a stance on this whole issue. Something they are loathe to do!

Clark won’t and in doing so, she has managed to add to the group of people who will vote to cast her out of office next May. Her attempt at extortion has shown the six nations people the person who she really is. ( That would be a sleazy unelected Premier with no leadership skills).

Christy Clark is a dangerous politician. The polls show her on the way out. The next 9 months will not be about good governance for BC. They will all be about Clark trying to find a way to increase her public support and to keep a thin hold on her party leadership.

That in itself is a shame.

Are you ready for that?

Christy Clark on the National Stage -Part 2

So while the other Premiers are hard-working on the National Stage trying to solve the nation’s health care problems, what is our erstwhile Premier up to?

Texting on her cell phone and it’s obviously not work related given the smile.

Sitting there goofing off and flaunting it in front of the National Press gallery.

Why do we waste our text dollars sending this dimwit anywhere?

Christy Clark: The Country gets a look at the Charlatan of BC!

Christy Clark AKA Cruella Deville ; I am what I am!

Every village has its idiot and British Columbia’s is on the national stage attempting to extort money from the rest of the country for a project she has yet to take an official stance on.

She refuses to take a stance on the project but uses baffle gab like ” It will be terrible for the environment but for the right price we can over look it. ( That in itself is a rendition of the old joke” I know what you are now it’s a matter of haggling over price”)

Clark’s position on the Enbridge project is telling of her character,something that those of us that live in BC have been subjected to for quite some time.

She is a devout socialist, something that comes through every-time she says no pipeline or blockade.

She is a phony and has talked about native treaty rights so much lately it won’t be long before she utters those famous words. You know” In my heart I am a six nations person”

She claims she wants her ” Fair Share” for BC but refuses to say what the “Fair Share” is. When questioned Clark’s reply is that she does not want to negotiate the project in the press.

In truth and in fact that just shows what a liar Clark is, her public rebuttal of Allison Redford is exactly that; a public attempt to get Redford to give up some of the royalties.

I have said before that Clark and the BC Liberals biggest fear is that somebody will take her up on it and want to talk.

If that happened Clark and team would have to take a position one way or another. Something they desperately want to avoid.

This whole public discourse is Clark’s futile attempt to find a so-called wedge issue to prop up her dead carcass in the polls.

It won’t work and now the whole country is getting to see the laughing-stock we refer to as Premier.

In fact even Kevin Falcon himself did his best to get her off the front page when he unveiled the deficit today.

What do you think? Is Clark a bad joke?

Christy Clark Chooses Vancouver-Point Grey to Lose Her Seat!

Vancouver- Point Grey; As good a place as any to meet your Waterloo!

The Albatross around British Columbia’s neck, Premier Christy Clark, chose Vancouver-Point Grey to lose her seat in the upcoming general election in May 2013.

That’s the riding she won by a mere 500 votes and judging by the phone calls I got today makes her the InDUMBent!

No sooner had Clark called Alison Redford’s reaction to her demands for the Enbridge project silly than I was reminded that she referred to a suggestion by the leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition,Tommy Mulcair as “Goofy”.

With slang like that how does our Premier expect to get any respect at all.

Clark went on to say that she is fighting for BC. This prompted phone calls and emails along the lines of what does she think we are all idiots?

No matter the outcome of the Council of the Federation this week, Clark comes out once again looking like the chump that she is.

She should have started very public discussions regarding the Enbridge issue ages ago, perhaps at the Western Premiers meeting that she skipped and sent lackey Pat Bell to.

She didn’t and has now created the kerfuffle that has got people talking about the constitution again.

Make no mistake about it, Clark is not fighting for BC. She is fighting for her political life and doing a lousy job of it.

Only time will tell if the lucky voters of Vancouver-Point Grey will do the deed that most folks polled wish they had the opportunity to do.

That would be to show Clark the door at the first available opportunity.

I suspect her BC Liberal buddies won’t give them the chance.

What do you think?

The Enbridge Project: Zero Leadership from Christy Clark!

Terry: Mary what ever happened to Christy what’s her name?

First it was skulking around Alberta and Saskatchewan undercover of darkness so to speak meeting with Premiers Redford and Wall.

Then the big announcement comes from the government and Clark is nowhere to be seen.


The answer is typical Ken Boessenkool playbook strategy.

It goes something like this: When your leader is as low in the polls as Clark is, you hide her for the summer and start over again in the fall.

In Clark’s case it’s worse because even if they need to use her she can’t stay on message and so this fits with the Boessenkool strategy as well.

It’s no small wonder 77% of Albertan’s would rather have Redford as a Premier than our Clark. ( see the poll at the end of the blog written by an Albertan thanking his lucky stars that Clark is not their Premier)

Ordinarily the BC Government should have made a big deal out of Clark’s visit to Edmonton. It should have been showcased as a great stepping stone in the Enbridge project.

Instead as the blogger depicts it was more like a Mafioso Don meeting with the head of another family. I am surprised Clark didn’t hold the meeting in the back of a bakery.

Although what would you expect from a government who invites gangsters to budget meetings.

Not only that but this far into the process and after today’s big announcement they still haven’t taken a position.

Quite frankly I don’t think they will.

I think getting rebuffed by Premier Redford was part of the plan, a plan without leadership.

They will eventually say Alberta is not offering enough.

It is a plan to bow out of Enbridge without taking a stance.

But then what would you expect from a government who has no leader?

Coalition Avenir Quebec kicks off Potential Election by Turfing Candidate!

Sovereignists Racists? Where did you ever get an idea like that?

Coalition Avenir Quebec Candidate Kamal Lufti was turfed by his party today for tweeting that sovereignists are racists.

A great start from the new party who wants to make an impact on an election some say will be called August 1st.

Wonder how that compares to some of the things today’s student demonstrators more than likely were saying about Jean Charest and his Liberals?

The unfortunate thing was that Lufti was not necessarily wrong, given the closing remarks of head Separatist Klansman Jacques Parizeau after the last referendum.

After-all they did lose that vote because of money and the ethnic vote didn’t they?

Elizabeth May just might have forced the Supreme Courts hand!

Boris: Elizabeth who? I have no idea who you are talking about!

Boris Wrzesnewskyj is probably crying in his corn flakes right about now.

If the members of the Supreme Court happen to read the Globe and see this piece it will give them yet another reason to over turn the judgement of the Ontario Court.

MS. May makes my argument for me, that the result from the election should be allowed to stand simply because voting conditions have changed since May 2011.

Election Canada has also said time and time again that we are talking about 20 or 30 votes which although are just as important as every other vote didn’t necessarily go to Conservative candidate Opitz.They could have been spread out equally amongst the parties.

I think common sense will prevail and the Supreme Court will over rule Ontario and ask Elections Canada to clean up their act.

As for Elizabeth May, Canadians and Conservative voters probably owe her a thanks.

Her ridiculous idea and strategy probably just saved us the cost of a by-election.

What are your thoughts?

Christy Clark Postioned Appropiately For Island Speech

Where oh Where could Christy Clark’s handlers be?

In a picture tells a thousand words scenario, note where the BC Liberal team had Clark positioned to give her keynote address to the recent barbecue used to pump up the troops on the island for the coming election.

Never on to miss a photo-op,Christy Clark stands next to a sign that captures the mood of those questioned in recent polls!

You would think that with all the problems that the BC liberals have had, new communications guy Morton would have seen that and had her positioned away from it.

Not so and this is yet another gaffe by the BC Liberal team currently predicted by the polls to be wiped off the island electoral map in 2013.

Who will Clark blame for this? The Media? Pollsters? Her Communications team?

Today it’s about Marissa!

Our special angel. we miss you and love you!

As some of you know my granddaughter Marissa was killed with her dad in a horrific car accident this past October.

What you don’t know is that today would have been her thirteenth birthday.

Today I will take time to celebrate what was, what is and what could have been.

To my Angel Marissa know that you are loved and missed.