BC Politics: The Week Ahead! #bcpoli #canpoli

Will somebody please step aside so I can call a by-election.

The first week of June is shaping up to be an interesting week in BC politics what with the official election results being finalized on June 5.

Premier Christy Clark has some interesting choices to make given she has said that she will name a cabinet later this week ( June 7) and decide what riding she wants to run in to attempt to get entry in the house. Astute political junkies will recall Clark lost her seat in the recent provincial election this past May 14th.

The most likely day for her to call the by-election would be Thursday June 6. Given Clark’s penchant for photo ops that day also happens to coincide with the 69th anniversary of DDay and would make a wonderful opportunity for her to call the election and claim in her heart she is a DDay vet.

She has to win this and of course she will. They will choose the easiest possible seat to run her in despite all the bravado from the NDP about running a candidate against them. (Actually they don’t all say that just some of them).

It is rumoured to be Fort Langley Aldergrove where current MLA Rich Coleman is purporting to be offering to step down. If true, Coleman will still have Peter Fassbender on the inside to watch over things while he gets ready to run for the leadership when Clark is dumped.

What about the BC Conservatives? That decision has not been made yet and will probably be made at an upcoming board meeting later this week. My take, shockingly, is that we should respect the mandate that the premier and her party have received from the people. That means I don’t think we should run a candidate. The party has a wonderful chance to hold this government accountable over the next few years. The NDP won’t,they will be to busy looking for ways to dump Dix and rebuild their own party.

The Premier has demonstrated over the past 2 years that while she is a good campaigner she is a terrible governor. ( Her pipeline announcement this week is an example of that,declaring opposition to the project even though all the tests haven’t been done)

You can bet at some point down the road the Premier and her team will come on board with the pipeline. It will happen about the same time as they come to the realization their balanced budget ( 2013 edition) is not really balanced and they need the revenue to save face. ( How do you spell HST anybody?)

For Clark, The bigger minefield lies with the choosing of her new cabinet. Usually the cabinet that is chosen gives you an idea of which direction the government is going.

In this case I would think that even though Clark has won a majority, the party will keep her on a short leash.( Remember she still has no seat and is a left leaning liberal in a caucus full of right leaning conservatives).

Think also to various gaffes Clark has made over the past few months. She ran a red light that was disclosed during the election. Caucus member and MLA Moira Stilwell spoke up against this. Stillwell is one of the brightest MLAs the party has. What will become of her?

Gordon Hogg took on Rich Coleman over the mess during the botched casino affair. What will happen to Him?

How many of the new MLA’s will be content to thank their lucky stars Adrian Dix and crew screwed up so badly and they got elected.

What if Clark decides to follow her Liberal ways and take the government even more left?( Remember they now agree with the NDP on the pipeline) What will become of the Conservative hopefuls in that BC Liberal Caucus?

Those who are not thrilled can always take out membership in the 8:01 club can’t they?

The week ahead in BC Politics is shaping up to be very interesting and the decisions made will shape the province for the next 4.5 years. ( Assuming the next election is in the fall to allow for proper budget debate)

Stay tuned, I will be here to dissect the different events as they unfold and thank you for reading!

BC Conservatives: The AGM

Election Night in Chilliwack; In Happier Times?

Tomorrow is the day Conservatives in BC have been waiting for for a long time.

It is the occasion of the final BC Conservative AGM before the May 2013 election,maybe.

For that to happen John Cummins has to win the leadership handily and the BC Liberals have to keep their word and actually have the election in May and not pull some legislative shenanigans in early 2013 and change the date to the fall.

What will happen at the AGM tomorrow? Will there be winners and losers?

I believe that question is a lot more complicated than you think.

Read on.

John Cummins can win and hold onto his leadership tomorrow but still lose the war.

This would happen if John Van Dongen uses the occasion of the Cummins victory speech to declare that he is running as an independent. Stranger things have happened in politics. ( This is not easy for Van Dongen either)

John Cummins could lose his leadership tomorrow ( I don’t think so) and open the whole party up to more infighting and a nasty leadership vote.

This leadership vote ,should it occur has the potential to be even nastier the the goings on lately because there could be more than 1 other party involved.

If you are reading this and you say that’s right,they could enter negotiations with the BC Liberals to unify the so-called free enterprise vote you are only partially correct.

Partially because if you have been watching the news lately you would have seen the dormant BC First party slowly arising from hibernation in the form of an endorsement from Bill Vander Zalm.

I am not one to believe in coincidences and have read the accounts in the MSM about Vander Zalm friends Ben Besler and John Crocock building a slate to take on the rest of the folks running for the provincial board under the guise of wanted to do politics different.

I have seen and heard motions from one or the other and seconded by one or the other that reek of more old style politics than most other amateur politicians I can think of.

To wit: Besler introduces a motion to give away memberships for free and is seconded by Crocock. This of course is shot down in flames as scandalous by the sane people on the board.

This is old school politics and so is telling potential nomination candidates that certain ridings are unavailable to run in because they are reserved for board members. ( I will let you use your imagination to figure out which one of these guys did that)

Not only is that old school politics but it also is a form of empire building at a time when most political parties, Conservatives included are tying to clean that up.

The instigator slate has not yet registered for the AGM and no that does not mean they have had a change of heart. It just means more of the old school type of politics.

So when they say they stand for something different don’t believe it for a minute.

In the last week and by the latest poll, the BC Conservative Party has gone down about 7% in the polls and a good part of this has been brought on by the instigator slate.

Chris Delaney,Bill Vander Zalm,Sal Vetro and the BC First team must be having a good laugh.

So are the inept Christy Clark led BC Liberals who today siphoned off former by-election candidate and third place finisher John Martin.

At a time when Conservatives should be attacking the opposition, Besler, Crocock and Co. have been busy attacking themselves and shooting their own party in the foot.

What this does is leave the door wide open for the BC Liberals and now the BC First Crew to tussle over the vote.

What do you think. What will happen tomorrow and do you care?

Christy Clark on the National Stage -Part 2

So while the other Premiers are hard-working on the National Stage trying to solve the nation’s health care problems, what is our erstwhile Premier up to?

Texting on her cell phone and it’s obviously not work related given the smile.

Sitting there goofing off and flaunting it in front of the National Press gallery.

Why do we waste our text dollars sending this dimwit anywhere?

Christy Clark: The Country gets a look at the Charlatan of BC!

Christy Clark AKA Cruella Deville ; I am what I am!

Every village has its idiot and British Columbia’s is on the national stage attempting to extort money from the rest of the country for a project she has yet to take an official stance on.

She refuses to take a stance on the project but uses baffle gab like ” It will be terrible for the environment but for the right price we can over look it. ( That in itself is a rendition of the old joke” I know what you are now it’s a matter of haggling over price”)

Clark’s position on the Enbridge project is telling of her character,something that those of us that live in BC have been subjected to for quite some time.

She is a devout socialist, something that comes through every-time she says no pipeline or blockade.

She is a phony and has talked about native treaty rights so much lately it won’t be long before she utters those famous words. You know” In my heart I am a six nations person”

She claims she wants her ” Fair Share” for BC but refuses to say what the “Fair Share” is. When questioned Clark’s reply is that she does not want to negotiate the project in the press.

In truth and in fact that just shows what a liar Clark is, her public rebuttal of Allison Redford is exactly that; a public attempt to get Redford to give up some of the royalties.

I have said before that Clark and the BC Liberals biggest fear is that somebody will take her up on it and want to talk.

If that happened Clark and team would have to take a position one way or another. Something they desperately want to avoid.

This whole public discourse is Clark’s futile attempt to find a so-called wedge issue to prop up her dead carcass in the polls.

It won’t work and now the whole country is getting to see the laughing-stock we refer to as Premier.

In fact even Kevin Falcon himself did his best to get her off the front page when he unveiled the deficit today.

What do you think? Is Clark a bad joke?

Christy Clark Chooses Vancouver-Point Grey to Lose Her Seat!

Vancouver- Point Grey; As good a place as any to meet your Waterloo!

The Albatross around British Columbia’s neck, Premier Christy Clark, chose Vancouver-Point Grey to lose her seat in the upcoming general election in May 2013.

That’s the riding she won by a mere 500 votes and judging by the phone calls I got today makes her the InDUMBent!

No sooner had Clark called Alison Redford’s reaction to her demands for the Enbridge project silly than I was reminded that she referred to a suggestion by the leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition,Tommy Mulcair as “Goofy”.

With slang like that how does our Premier expect to get any respect at all.

Clark went on to say that she is fighting for BC. This prompted phone calls and emails along the lines of what does she think we are all idiots?

No matter the outcome of the Council of the Federation this week, Clark comes out once again looking like the chump that she is.

She should have started very public discussions regarding the Enbridge issue ages ago, perhaps at the Western Premiers meeting that she skipped and sent lackey Pat Bell to.

She didn’t and has now created the kerfuffle that has got people talking about the constitution again.

Make no mistake about it, Clark is not fighting for BC. She is fighting for her political life and doing a lousy job of it.

Only time will tell if the lucky voters of Vancouver-Point Grey will do the deed that most folks polled wish they had the opportunity to do.

That would be to show Clark the door at the first available opportunity.

I suspect her BC Liberal buddies won’t give them the chance.

What do you think?

John van Dongen goes hunting for Big Game!

Christy Clark: I never lie and I never break rules!

John Van Dongen was back in court this week trying to obtain transcripts from the BC Rial debacle.

Included most likely in those papers will be evidence of who knew and leaked what in the controversial case.

It should come as no shock to most of us that have been following events on the blogisphere one such target could turn out to be inept Premier Christy Clark.

It seems however those folks in the mainstream media are starting to wake up to the fact that just maybe Christy Clark has been lying about her involvement all along.

It is both good and bad that we will have to wait until at least September to see what light these papers will shine on the tales Premier Pinocchio has been telling.

The bad would be that perhaps we will have to put up with her until the documents reveal her involvement.

The good will be that it will cause a great big kaboom in the middle of her rename the mafia ,invite the free enterprisers fall convention.

As everything else she has done this is sure to blowup in Clark’s face.

The most recent gaffe would be Clark’s attempt to offer condolences to those families of the missing people.

Perhaps if they hadn’t cut back on the people responsible for investigating this kind of stuff it could have been prevented.

At the very least somebody might have been there to open the email that warned them of the pending tragedy.

But then, I suspect Clark has been too busy covering up her lies to actually worry about families, she more than likely puts herself first.

What do you think?

Another Poll Another nail in Christy Clark’s Coffin!

The Liberal Vancouver sun continues to run the picture used for affair l’farebeat forgetting that most people would prefer to throw Clark under that train rather than hold Dix accountable for his actions.

Angus Reid released the most damning poll of all for the future on the Clark BC Liberals and for Premier Christy Clark herself!

Not only does the poll show that the BC Conservatives are on the rise ( up 3%) but it also tells the tale of the women voter.

You would think that Clark would have the market cornered on that segment of the population but not so, she has lost that too!

The worst news for Clark and crew to come out of the Angus Reid research?

That would be the numbers that say people feel Dix and the socialists are better able to manage the economy.

I will say that again so there is no mistake: Polled Voters think a bunch of socialists are better able to manage the economy than the supposed Free enterprise Chumpion Clark.

Not only that, the poll goes on to say that 55% of those folk’s opinion of Clark has worsened!

Furthermore 64% of those people disapprove of the way she does the job.

No wonder Dave Hayer didn’t say thanks!

How bad is that?

If the BC Liberal Executive has pulled themselves up off the floor and are paying attention: this poll spells the end of Christina Joan Clark.

You cannot and will not form government in the next election.

In fact the momentum is now with the BC Conservatives!

This poll also sends a message to Peter Brown and it would be : Mr.Brown you are backing the wrong horse!

What do you think?

What if the LDB sale is shadier than BC Rail?

You will be “Striking” mad if my what if scenario with the LDB comes true!

What if the dating of the Liquor Distribution Branch sale is all smoke and mirrors?

What if the lucky winner has already been decided?

What if Rich Coleman giving the file to Margaret MacDiarmid is a great big shell game?

What if a deal was signed before Mr.Kinsella deregistered as a lobbyist?

What if the process was fixed on May 11,2012?

What if this whole thing is a bigger hosing of the taxpayer than BC Rail?

What if this sale is purely to project a balanced budget and for no other reason?

What if even this doesn’t balance the budget due to some other tom foolery that you don’t find out about until after the election?

How duped will you feel then?

Why the Liberals won’t win the next election: They think they are Better than Everybody!

Terry Becker is too good to shop here!

The BC Liberals have always talked and acted like they are above everybody else.

They try to be smug and convey to people that they are better.

Recently, potential candidate Terry Becker was interviewed by on-line publication Pitt Meadows today

What conveyed that my you know what doesn’t stink , the I am better and above you attitude so prevalent with the BC Liberals and their candidates is this ” Personally, I do not shop at Walmart. I believe that this kind of business does not help our community.”

What a dope!

Walmart not only creates jobs in the community but Terry might be surprised to know a lot of people that shop and work there ACTUALLY VOTE!

Not the type to vote for her of course because , well, she is too good to shop there.

In fact Walmart shoppers and workers everywhere in BC ought to pay heed: The BC Liberals don’t like you!

So Terry if you run for the nomination ( If time allows and you are not busy tweeting from BC Liberal golf tournaments) and the BC Liberal members are dumb enough to vote for you, you deserve what you will get at the ballot box, namely a third or fourth place finish and a hasty exit from politics.

Have we not had our fill of this type of political wanna be?

Christy Clark; Family First Agenda takes a Few More Hits!

Where is Clark?

For a Premier who claims to have a family friendly, family first agenda she made a couple of decisions today that boggle the mind.

First her government cancelled the Cuts the Science World Program for kids and the with a shot at helping families in the Sicamous region she decides not to visit the area and look at the damage.

Even Dalton McGuinty is more politically astute than Clark.

Last year in an election campaign that was very close he took advantage of the Goderich tornado to give that area some badly needed help.He went on to win the election,the optics of this were that good.

You would have thought Christy ( Miss Photo-Op) Clark would have been front and center outside the Science Center renewing the contract or at least in a canoe in the Okanogan region offering help.

You would have thought these two would have been no-brainers for the family first agenda.

Could it be that Clark is too busy filling up her gas tank? Another family first faux pas as the price to drive the kids to school goes up by a cent a litre with the increase in the carbon tax.

Bottom Line: No matter what spin they put on it there is no family first agenda.

These people are riding out the remaining 10 months or so in hiding.

Just like Clark is doing today when she could be helping families first!

What do you think?