Christy Clark; Family First Agenda takes a Few More Hits!

Where is Clark?

For a Premier who claims to have a family friendly, family first agenda she made a couple of decisions today that boggle the mind.

First her government cancelled the Cuts the Science World Program for kids and the with a shot at helping families in the Sicamous region she decides not to visit the area and look at the damage.

Even Dalton McGuinty is more politically astute than Clark.

Last year in an election campaign that was very close he took advantage of the Goderich tornado to give that area some badly needed help.He went on to win the election,the optics of this were that good.

You would have thought Christy ( Miss Photo-Op) Clark would have been front and center outside the Science Center renewing the contract or at least in a canoe in the Okanogan region offering help.

You would have thought these two would have been no-brainers for the family first agenda.

Could it be that Clark is too busy filling up her gas tank? Another family first faux pas as the price to drive the kids to school goes up by a cent a litre with the increase in the carbon tax.

Bottom Line: No matter what spin they put on it there is no family first agenda.

These people are riding out the remaining 10 months or so in hiding.

Just like Clark is doing today when she could be helping families first!

What do you think?