Christy Clark Insults Taxpayers Intelligence Once Again. #bcpoli #ChristyClark #canpoli

Which one won the recent by-election? If you answered both you are right!

Once again Premier Christy Clark has insulted the BC voters intelligence.

Clark was asked whether the appointment of BC Liberal Ben Stewart as the new investment and trade commissioner to Asia was a patronage appointment and of course she said no.

In fact her answer was no because as she said Stewart would not be wining and dining people, he would be selling BC.

Whether he is wining and dining, selling or doing who knows what, when you give up your seat so that the Premier can run in your riding to save her sorry ass, this appointment is payback.

It’s patronage pure and simple. Nothing else!

With this blatant BS Clark continues to disgrace the Premier’s office.

Wouldn`t it be nice to have an elected politician who would treat the voters with some respect and say yes it is ?

Post Cards From The Base : Senate Reform Three Bodies at a Time!

This place wood make a great addition to the Parliament hill library.

With all the shenanigans going on in the senate this week the reports are starting to come out that the Conservative base is incensed and the whole show had better be over by Convention next week etc.

I thought as a member of the so-called base I would chime in and let you know how incensed I am.

First and foremost Claude Carignan did the right thing with the motion to suspend the three senators in question because as a Conservative and a taxpayer I don’t think any of the three of them should be in the senate.

Carignan screwed up today when he offered the idiot Senator Brazeau a deal to make an apology.

As anybody who has followed the news in the last year or two, Brazeau is the equivalent of common household trash and should have be shown the door immediately. He should have been suspended the first time he was hauled before the courts.

In fact anybody who treats women they way he allegedly does should be allowed to hold down a job never mine be an esteemed member of the so-called senate.

As for the other two ( Wailing Wallin and The Duff) close the book on them and throw them out and lets get on to bigger and better things.

Bigger things like abolishing the senate in under a year and without Court or Quebec’s approval. It’s simple really.

Given that there are 105 Senators in the Senate ( 102 after next week) we could throw out 3 per week and basically the whole senate would be redundant in under 35 weeks.

I would start with Red Tory Cry baby Hugh ( I should been an NDPer) Segal. I mean as a taxpayer he is wasting my money acting as Wailing Wallin’s agent in this whole mess. It seems every-time a problem arises in the senate Segal is there shooting his mouth off.

Segal needs to be reminded that the so-called war between the Progressives and the Alliance is over and he lost.

Then toss Don ( this breaks my heart to screw over the boss ) Plett.

Please Don, the world forgot you existed hiding away in the senate, ( we liked it that way you weren’t that good as a Canadian Alliance President) take a hike, you don’t need to be on TV.

The list would go on and on.

So am I incensed?

You bet, I am incensed the bloody place is still there.

Prime Minister Harper, you just had a great Throne Speech and an awesome free trade deal with the EU.

You now have a chance to clean up the mess in the Senate.

Make us proud, throw all the bums out, 3 at a time!

Rumor Du Jour- Who Will run in Cloverdale-West Langley? #canpoli #bcpoli

Will She or Won’t She?

Already the landscape is cluttered in the new riding of West Langley-Cloverdale .

You have already heard that Gurmant Grewal,Dave Hayer,Paul Brar, Dean Drysadle and Mike Garisto have already thrown their respective hats ( I have never actually seen any of them wear hats) into the ring and declared they will rung for the federal Conservative Party of Canada nomination.

This is only October 2013 and the nominations has not even been declared open.

But now the rumor mills are working overtime and I am hearing that Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts is pondering a run for the roses.

A Watts entry into this race would make it very exciting with most likely most of the aforementioned candidates volunteers ( not Gurmant’s) bailing on their candidate to help pave the way for a Watts coronation.

In fact some of the candidates would likely bail on their volunteers ( not Gurmant)

Stay tuned this could be a lot of fun!

Happy Thanksgiving Eh! #bcpoli #jail

Happy Thanksgiving ?

So here we are at the halfway point of the Thanksgiving weekend and I thought I would wish my readers a Happy Thanksgiving and share a couple of events in the first day and a half of the relaxing 3 day food fest.

Firstly last night I broke my rule about being out on the streets after 11. Nothing good ever happens after that time and if i absolutley have to be out I drive never walk.

Problem was I didn’t have the car and I didn’t want to wait for a cab. There were none at the venue I was at and they were quite busy so I thought I’d walk the four and a half kilometers home.

I nearly made it when two blocks from my home this knucklehead wearing lead gloves wants to talk with me. You don’t wear lead gloves fr talking, I am not stupid so I went 3 blocks out of my way at a quit pace ( I ran like hell) and avoided the mayhem.

I woke up a bit stiff today ( That was my second walk of the day and decided I would start off the morning with a walk run to the Petro Canada and grab a coffee.

It took about 25 minutes to get there and in that time the poor kid who works behind the counter and been robbed and traumatized and filled out the police report.

This all for a couple a cartons of smokes.

As I walked home I ran into a passerby, I mentioned that he should be on the lookout for this asshole to which he replied the police probably know who he is. He said he probably had already been arrested earlier in the morning and was likely released by a judge who felt sorry he was locked up when the rest of us were home with our turkeys.

Sadly he was probably right!

It occurred to me with all this talk about hockey violence in the news lately that 5 minutes for fighting and a game misconduct is far worse than you get for robbing a corner store or threatening people with lead gloves.

Shouldn’t there at least be a penalty box for knuckleheads?

Ponder that will you are chowing down on your Thanksgiving Turkeys.

Enjoy the day and thanks for reading.

NDP Parties Canada Wide: 2013 is Not a Good Year! #bcpoli #bcndp #bcleg #onpoli #canpoli

No Way Am I Giving Up The Best Job I Ever Had!

No wonder the Andrea Horwath Ontario NDP government is propping up one of the most corrupt governments in Ontario’s history.

It’s not because of what they can pry out of the government to keep them afloat ( gas plants be damned eh!).

It is because 2013 is a bad year to be a dipper!

They got hammered in the recent BC election, got hammered last night in Nova Scotia (no matter how much of a spin Lori Turnbull tries to put on it) and are getting killed in the polls that once gave them a ray of hope.

Should Andrea do the right thing and pull the pin on this scandalous Liberal government rest assured the people of Ontario will either lose their minds and vote in a majority Liberal government or do the sane thing and vote in a renewed Ontario PC team. The NDP will once again be on the outside looking in.

The NDP desperately needs a decent platform to take the voters minds off the failure of that parties government during the Bob Rae years.( the voters will remember, fair or not,the mess the NDP made when Rae was premier just as the voters remembered the problems of Dix’s past).

You get imagine the negative ads in the can about the NDP and Rae days etc.

Nope, If Andrea pulls the pin on the minority government in Ontario she will be another statistic in a bad year for the NDP.

Despite all the blustering and saber-rattling I would expect that there will be no Ontario election until at least the spring, that is until 2013 gets in the NDP’s rear view mirror.

Will I be right?

Nice Continent This North America Eh! #bcpoli #canpoli #usapoli

I am telling the Truth sir, there is nothing going on in North America!

It’s only fair if Jeffrey Simpson of the Globe and Mail can write about discussions with his Uncle Fred on Galiano Island, I can at least report on discussions our alien friends are having this week as it relates to North America.

I can only imagine what one Alien Underling would report to his Commander on the goings on ( or not ) on our continent in the last week.

It would go something like this:

Commander: What have you to report from your post overseeing North America?

Underling: Nothing.

Commander : What do you mean nothing, that cannot be !

Underling: It is so, this week.

Commander : Explain yourself or be replaced!

Underling: Sir in the USA everything is closed, the government is shut down. They were discussing something called ObamaCare but one side just walked away shutting down the government. Right now the man named Obama who seems to be the inventor of the care is threatening them with a debt ceiling whatever that is. They are not listening. I think it should be called Obamawedon’tcare!

Commander: Surely something must be happening in Canada?

Underling: No Sir the man they call the Prime Minister has prorogued parliament. That means in a sense they too are shut down.

Commander : What about in your favorite place to report from BC, surely there is something to report there. Nary a week goes by without Premier Clark and her government getting themselves in some sort of trouble?

Underling: Not this week sir. Premier Clark refuses to open the government’s place of business and has herself pretty much gone into hiding.

Commander: Into hiding?

Underling : Yes sure she tried for some sort of thing called a quick win and is now being investigated by something called the RCMP.

Commander: What happens if she is found guilty

Underling : I am not sure sir. By all reports the RCMP shot somebody with a 3 inch knife 9 times and tasered him. I can’t imagine what they would do for quick winning.

Commander : Is there anything on the horizon that you will be reporting on other than nothing?

Underling : yes I have heard of something called a BC Conservative AGM……..