Christy Clark Insults Taxpayers Intelligence Once Again. #bcpoli #ChristyClark #canpoli

Which one won the recent by-election? If you answered both you are right!

Once again Premier Christy Clark has insulted the BC voters intelligence.

Clark was asked whether the appointment of BC Liberal Ben Stewart as the new investment and trade commissioner to Asia was a patronage appointment and of course she said no.

In fact her answer was no because as she said Stewart would not be wining and dining people, he would be selling BC.

Whether he is wining and dining, selling or doing who knows what, when you give up your seat so that the Premier can run in your riding to save her sorry ass, this appointment is payback.

It’s patronage pure and simple. Nothing else!

With this blatant BS Clark continues to disgrace the Premier’s office.

Wouldn`t it be nice to have an elected politician who would treat the voters with some respect and say yes it is ?

3 thoughts on “Christy Clark Insults Taxpayers Intelligence Once Again. #bcpoli #ChristyClark #canpoli”

  1. "It’s patronage pure and simple. Nothing else!"

    Of course it is! Has any PM or Premier ever appointed someone based solely on their ability? The only exception I can remember is Harper's appointment of John Manley to the Afghan inquiry.

    Stewart at least has some credentials as a businessman. I've been waiting for the proverbial "other shoe" since Stewart stepped down for Christy, couldn't imagine what she could could do for a multimillionaire.

    I just found out.

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