Bike Lanes Across Canada ! #bcpoli #canpoli #election2015

Peddling to Ottawa?

It seems Justin Trudeau and Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson have been discussing a potential switch to federal politics.

It made me wonder why most journalists refer to the provincial arm of the NDP as the training ground for their federal cousins.

It seems like provincial NDP parties are more like a training ground for the federal liberal party.

Just ask Ujjal Dosanjh, Roy Romanow or BOB Rae.

Those three were all NDP premiers who went on to become federal liberal MPs. ( note to provincial NDP organizers: you may want to consider your new theme song to go something along the lines: mama don’t let you sons grow up to be federal Liberal MPs)

Does that speak to the chances of so called NDP stars winning a cabinet post with the federal NDP or does it speak to how far left the Federal Liberals are?

If Mayor Moonbeam ( if you are reading this outside of BC,that’s what he is called) jumps to the liberal ship after the 2014 municipal election you can bet Trudeau will try to bait him with something significant.

If Vancouver’s experience is any indicator, and Trudeau and team win the 2015 election, you can look for bike lanes on the Trans Canada highway.

They day they open, Robertson will likely peddle a bike with a sidecar upon which Trudeau will sit. They will be passing a reefer back and forth.

Nice country we live in eh!

Political Insiders Coveted Barf Bag of the Summer Goes to? #bcpoli #canpoli #telus #bell #rogers

And the winner is……

I turned on my car radio today and the first thing I heard was that stupid commercial that the telco’s are doing to portray the Conservative government as the big bad folks for allowing the potential of Verizon to come to Canada and take away jobs and use the infrastructure for free.

I have a little screw in my brain and those ads are the screw driver that tightrns it to the point of no return.

I am awarding these companies the Political Insider coveted Barf Bag of the Summer award.

These guys just don’t get it and I bet in the long run these commercials will cost them customers like me.

I don’t know about you but I have reached my limit.

As a good friend of mine said today ” if these companies hadn’t of been acting like money grubbing oil sheiks all these years they wouldn’t find themselves in this mess”

Those job losses they keep whining about, does that include the call center jobs those same Telco’s have farmed out to India and the Philippines? Doubt it!

Oh and the money they are using to finance those irritating ads; would it not be better spent investing in that so called infrastructure or better yet reducing our cells bills.

They encourage you to write your MP.

You should; write and say thanks for allowing the competition that will no doubt lower cell costs for both usage and for equipment.

It’s the right thing to do.

Rumour Du Jour Surrey Style #bcpoli #canpoli #cpc

Another attempt at a seat? This time federal?

A fresh Rumor out of yesterday’s early morning Ministerial meet and greet with Chris Alexander has Allison Patton mulling over a potential run at a Federal CPC nomonation.

You remember Dr.Patton.

She was the so-called dissident that led the charge against the BC Conservative Party.

She followed that stroke of genius with a failed attempt to run as an independent and then as a BC Liberal.

I would imagine Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Campaign Director Jenni Byrne would rather drill holes in each others heads than think about the possible mayhem Patton would cause if she ran for a nomination.

For the party’s sake let’s hope it’s not true.

Can a Leopard Change It’s Spots? #bcpoli #canpoli #barfbucket

Disclaimer: This blog post in no way is meant to tarnish the reputation of the leopards of the world!

Can a leopard change it’s spots?

In BC the leopard is the species known as the BC Liberal Party.

As you may know the Christy Clark Today’s BC Liberal’s ( the name pf the party depends upon the polling of Clark’s leadership rating) recruited all-star candidate from Langley Amrik Virk to run on their behalf in the recent provincial election.

It seems that Virk is now carrying on the BC Liberal tradition of scandalistic behavior as word now comes that he was more than likely aware of some harassment going on at Kwantlen College that had one of the employees so stressed out that she kept a barf bucket handy for use after interactions with the President.

I can only imagine the work-out that employee’s barf bucket got when Virk was named Advanced Education Minister in the so called New Christy Clark Cabinet.

Clark, as is par for her course, is no where to be found during this episode and has issued no statement about the affair.

That in itself probably speaks volumes about whether Virk was complicit in this.

Should it turn out that Virk knew about this and did nothing, this would not only be a black mark against the new minister but also against the RCMP who used to employ him as a police officer in a force whose image has already been tarnished by other purported cases of harassment and associated cover ups therein.

Given that Virk, Clark and Company still have over four years left on their new mandate, we should all join that employee and purchase barf buckets.

With the scandal potential of this government and its leader, I am sure they will get lots of use!