Can a Leopard Change It’s Spots? #bcpoli #canpoli #barfbucket

Disclaimer: This blog post in no way is meant to tarnish the reputation of the leopards of the world!

Can a leopard change it’s spots?

In BC the leopard is the species known as the BC Liberal Party.

As you may know the Christy Clark Today’s BC Liberal’s ( the name pf the party depends upon the polling of Clark’s leadership rating) recruited all-star candidate from Langley Amrik Virk to run on their behalf in the recent provincial election.

It seems that Virk is now carrying on the BC Liberal tradition of scandalistic behavior as word now comes that he was more than likely aware of some harassment going on at Kwantlen College that had one of the employees so stressed out that she kept a barf bucket handy for use after interactions with the President.

I can only imagine the work-out that employee’s barf bucket got when Virk was named Advanced Education Minister in the so called New Christy Clark Cabinet.

Clark, as is par for her course, is no where to be found during this episode and has issued no statement about the affair.

That in itself probably speaks volumes about whether Virk was complicit in this.

Should it turn out that Virk knew about this and did nothing, this would not only be a black mark against the new minister but also against the RCMP who used to employ him as a police officer in a force whose image has already been tarnished by other purported cases of harassment and associated cover ups therein.

Given that Virk, Clark and Company still have over four years left on their new mandate, we should all join that employee and purchase barf buckets.

With the scandal potential of this government and its leader, I am sure they will get lots of use!