BCTF wants a change of government,what’s wrong with that?


Nothing,it seems that most people do. Most polls have the BC Liberals pegged at 20-30% of decided supporters.( Personally I think it’s lower). That means 70-80% want to throw the bums outs.

I don’t have a problem with teachers wanting to change the government.

I do have an issue with the teachers saying they will wear tee-shirts,  buttons etc.into the classroom.

On their own time in a campaign office fine. In the classroom, no!

I remember when my daughter came home from school in the mid 90’s in Ontario. She was in grade 2 or 3. She told me that I was stupid for voting for Mike Harris.( I didn’t just vote for him I volunteered on a senior level ).

I asked her where that came from and she told me her teacher said so.

I was shocked and I am not saying every teacher would act like that but it happens.

No I did not go screaming back to the principal .

I explained to my daughter that her great grandfather fought for freedom of speech and everybody is entitled to say what they will say.

I also told her that teaching is a position of trust and she said things that should not have been said at school. I explained that her teacher made a mistake and that my daughter should learn from it.

I believe that activist politics has no place in grade or secondary schools.

What do you think?

I disagree with Christy Clark: Her Leadership is in question!

Christy Clark: My Leadership is not in question, at least in my mind !

Premier Christy Clark says her Leadership is not under question!

I beg to differ!

Harry Bloy resigns amid scandal!

BC place name deal cancelled !

John Van Dongen resigns and crosses the floor!

Senior Ministers Abbot and Falcon openly muse about not running in the next election!

Minister Lekstrom sleeps at the switch and doesn’t read the Price Waterhouse Coopers report on Translink with the consequence that 63,000 farebeaters get away without paying for tickets.

Jaspal Atwal gets a ringside seat at the budget presentation.

Attorney General Shirley Bond tells an out-and-out lie and says the case with the Auditor General is settled out of court when it is not.

B.C.child sex abuse charges stayed due to delays

These are just 8 examples of lack of leadership in the Premier”s office.

If her caucus isn’t openly questioning it, people who really count are. Those would be the taxpayers of BC.

All the polls show that the B.C. Liberals will be turfed out of office in a landslide.

What more will it take the Premier to realize that her Leadership or lack there is the only question ?

B.C.Liberals trot Vampire Chuck Strahl out of the coffin yet again!

Chuck Strahl : Boo! Don't Split the Vote!

They must think the voters of Chilliwack Hope are stupid.

Every couple of weeks, the B.C.Liberals open up the retired coffin door and out creaks Chuck Strahl with his vote splitting horror stories.

B.C. Liberals don’t get it. The people will not be told their vote is a waste of time if they vote for anybody but the Liberals.

Chuck Strahl spoke at the nomination and then espoused his BS in the Vancouver Sun. He has been with the BC Liberal campaign since day one.

In fact trotting him out today is an act of desperation from government on it’s last legs.

The people of Chilliwack know that and won’t fall for that crap.

Over and above the NDP, they have a choice. They can vote for John Martin a Conservative that runs on his own merits or they can Vote for a Faux Conservative who runs under a Liberal Banner.

The people of Chilliwack are smart, they will do the right thing.

Don’t you think?

Christy Clark sinks to a new low!

Christy Clark : I am the straw that stirs the B.C.Liberal drink!

It’s barely 8:30 in the morning and the Premier has reached a new low. Angus Reid released a poll showing the Premier Christy Clark to be Canada’s least popular Premier. This is quite a feat given that she is competing for the title with the likes of Jean Charest in Quebec.

Of course Charest has been the Premier since 2003 so unlike Premier Clark,the population of his province has had a number of years to build up the dislike for him.

Yesterday’s resignation of John Van Dongen from her caucus was a prime example of why the public has no respect for the Premier.

This was a major blow to her team and she was nowhere to be seen.

More than likely,given all the gaffes she has made recently,she was probably muzzled by her handler, ( If you have a handler does this mean you are not really running the province?) Ken Boessenkool.

Premier Clark suffered the largest drop of any sitting head of government.

So Premier Clark tell us again ? Why did you hire Sara MacIntyre and Ken Boessenkool?

Oh yea to help improve your image and keep your caucus under control.

How do you like the results?

John Van Dongen Joins the BC Conservatives!

In a major blow to the Christy Clark B.C. Liberals MLA John Van Dongen has torn up his membership and joined the BC Conservatives.

This gives the upstart Conservatives their first MLA.

This occurs on the heels of a scathing indictment in the Globe and Mail relative to MS.Clark’s government.

It also gives the BC Conservative party serious momentum heading into the April 19th By-election day.

Adrian Dix Nabbed On Sky Train without a ticket!


This should be a bigger deal than the MSM is making it out to be. The man who wants to be Premier,who wants to lead our Province was caught on a Sky Train without a ticket.

Adrian Dix says it’s one of those things and he feels bad.

I wonder if he feels bad because he made a mistake or if he feels bad because we was caught?

Mr.Dix knows how bad it feels to get caught. He has been caught before when he backdated a memo when we was Glen Clark’s assistant.

Seems Dix has a habit of doing things that are bad and feeling bad when he gets caught.

Why would you want to vote for a man who breaks the law and passes it off so easily?

What do you think he will say when he breaks the promises he will make leading up to the election?

Bob Rae to run for permanent Leader of Liberal Party?




Bob Rae ‏ @bobraeMP

Watched Tiger win again and saw a couple of attack ads on yours truly. He came back. I guess I can too. LOL.


Does the above tweet represent Marijuana Bob Rae’s  first public admission that he wants to run to be the official Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada? Was his tweet an ill advised slip of the tongue?

What do you think?

Christy Clark Shuffles the Deck!

Premier Christy Clark as shuffled the deck of the Titanic also known as the good ship B.C.Liberal.

Today, with the recent departure of Harry Bloy ( he who leaked the email ) , John Yap was given the former minister’s post.

You recall when Harry got the post it was a demotion, so don’t expect a ton out of John. In fact the statement that John made was that he was a minister in the free enterprise choice for British Columbians.

Uh No John you are not. I read your parties by-election signs, You are a minister in the Christy Clark B.C.Liberals a totally different thing.

In other shuffling , Moira Stillwell and Ron Howard were named Parliamentary Secretaries.

It will be to see what’s left or should I say right of this party after the April 19th by-elections.

It’s Mulcair ; Now what ?


Thomas Mulcair has won the leadership of the Federal NDP and is the new leader of the opposition , Now what?

He will more than likely move the party to the center and most likely very quickly.

What will this mean to Canadian politics?

First and foremost it will almost certainly force the Liberal party of Canada to advance their own leadership convention.


Because Mulcair and the NDP will devour the Liberals if they get control of the center and Marijuana Bob wouldn’t like that.

Also the interim leader of the Liberal Party,  under it’s constitution,  cannot negotiate a merger with the NDP. They need a permanent leader, it’s as simple as that.

What else?

It will probably force a lot of the extreme leftists that are currently have a home in the NDP to go somewhere else. ( Hello Elizabeth May and the Green Party you belong together )

Anything else?

Yes the right side of the Liberal Party will likely bolt to the Conservatives rather than join the NDP.

That it?

No the Bloc had hopes and aspirations going into today. Thomas Mulcair probably killed them off.

Anything good come of all this?

Yes likely the Liberal Party as you know it is done, so is the Bloc?

Any last thoughts?

Yes given all the mayhem and delays in the voting today , Rebecca Blaikie handle herself well. She is a good President of the NDP and has a lot to be proud of.

Ballot #2 Goodbye Peggy Nash!



Probably a good call for the NDP.

When asked who she supported  for the leadership she gave the usual old school gibberish about they all would  make a great leader and I have made my vote.

The problem is people don’t want vague answers anymore. They want leaders with stones.

Peggy you don’t have them , goodbye and well done NDP!

Mulcair leads handily with 38% of the vote, Tapp at 25% and Cullen at 19.9 heading into the third Ballot!