Christy Clark Shuffles the Deck!

Premier Christy Clark as shuffled the deck of the Titanic also known as the good ship B.C.Liberal.

Today, with the recent departure of Harry Bloy ( he who leaked the email ) , John Yap was given the former minister’s post.

You recall when Harry got the post it was a demotion, so don’t expect a ton out of John. In fact the statement that John made was that he was a minister in the free enterprise choice for British Columbians.

Uh No John you are not. I read your parties by-election signs, You are a minister in the Christy Clark B.C.Liberals a totally different thing.

In other shuffling , Moira Stillwell and Ron Howard were named Parliamentary Secretaries.

It will be to see what’s left or should I say right of this party after the April 19th by-elections.