Updated:The Globe and Mail Alienates Their Readers Once Again! #bcpoli #webelieveinbc #election2013

More Shoddy Journalism from Canada’s National Newspaper.

29% of Liberal Voters have had enough of their own party so says today’s release of an Angus Reid Poll.

The Angus Reid poll says that if an election were held today 47% would vote for the BCNDP and 31% would vote for the BC Liberals.It goes on to say that the Conservatives and Greens polled?

It doesn’t..

In a slap in the face to those voters and readers who might vote Green or Conservative the Globe doesn’t even bother to tell you what they polled.

Writer Hume says that the poll is based on decided voters. So just what percentage of voters polled were decided? undecided?

Who knows ( other than Angus Reid) because the Globe certainly didn’t share that fact.

Nope the Globe doesn’t think those numbers are important enough to share with it’s readers.

The Globe used to live and die by it’s mantra “Well Written,Well Read”

Not Anymore.


Updated: The Poll

Christy Clark and the Throne Speech that Prepares You for the Death Of Her Government!

This government started it’s road to defeat here!

I sat in the Speakers Gallery watching the Throne speech this past Tuesday and I was blown away by the lack of enthusiasm by any of the people present ( Lana Popham excluded).

I have seen and heard plenty of throne speeches in my time and this was by far the worst.

Lets get Harry Lali’s opinion: ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

That’s right Harry was sound asleep through part of it and if it wasn’t for sidekick Popham poking him and waking him up we would have heard him snoring.

Worse than that were all the BC Liberals shaking hands before the start of the speech welcoming each other back (Except Kevin Falcon he wasn’t there). This implies that these folks didn’t get together before the speech which makes you wonder how cohesive that caucus is.

Wonder no more as Clark has tried and evidently* failed to bring back the ousted Independent John Slater back to support her budget.

You might be thinking she has a majority why would she need him?

To answer that question is to contradict a famous line uttered by former Manitoba Premier Gary Filmon ” a majority is a majority is a majority”.

A majority is not a majority when your own caucus will not support your budget. Thus the reason Clark likely went begging Slater to come back.

Will the government fall? That’s one scenario.

Will Clark fall? That’s another scenario?

If the budget flunks the test of the house will Clark go begging to the Lieutenant Governor for more time?

Are there other scenarios?

Once again lets ask Harry? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

* I use the word evidently because after all this the John Slater, Christy Clark and the BC Liberals we are talking about.

Lower Mainland Mayors Attempt to Introduce Yet Another Tax! #bcpoli

Here we go again!

Here we go again.

This time the mayors are trying to introduce to lower mainlanders yet another tax.

They seem to feel it’s OK because they haven’t brought in a sales tax on Trans Link before, just a gas tax!

They also want to bring a vehicle registration levy.

So. it started in Vancouver with the war on the car ( tolls,gas taxes) and now they will attempt to extend it to the beaten down taxpayer with the war on the bus.

What next?