BCTF wants a change of government,what’s wrong with that?


Nothing,it seems that most people do. Most polls have the BC Liberals pegged at 20-30% of decided supporters.( Personally I think it’s lower). That means 70-80% want to throw the bums outs.

I don’t have a problem with teachers wanting to change the government.

I do have an issue with the teachers saying they will wear tee-shirts,  buttons etc.into the classroom.

On their own time in a campaign office fine. In the classroom, no!

I remember when my daughter came home from school in the mid 90’s in Ontario. She was in grade 2 or 3. She told me that I was stupid for voting for Mike Harris.( I didn’t just vote for him I volunteered on a senior level ).

I asked her where that came from and she told me her teacher said so.

I was shocked and I am not saying every teacher would act like that but it happens.

No I did not go screaming back to the principal .

I explained to my daughter that her great grandfather fought for freedom of speech and everybody is entitled to say what they will say.

I also told her that teaching is a position of trust and she said things that should not have been said at school. I explained that her teacher made a mistake and that my daughter should learn from it.

I believe that activist politics has no place in grade or secondary schools.

What do you think?