Christy Clark sinks to a new low!

Christy Clark : I am the straw that stirs the B.C.Liberal drink!

It’s barely 8:30 in the morning and the Premier has reached a new low. Angus Reid released a poll showing the Premier Christy Clark to be Canada’s least popular Premier. This is quite a feat given that she is competing for the title with the likes of Jean Charest in Quebec.

Of course Charest has been the Premier since 2003 so unlike Premier Clark,the population of his province has had a number of years to build up the dislike for him.

Yesterday’s resignation of John Van Dongen from her caucus was a prime example of why the public has no respect for the Premier.

This was a major blow to her team and she was nowhere to be seen.

More than likely,given all the gaffes she has made recently,she was probably muzzled by her handler, ( If you have a handler does this mean you are not really running the province?) Ken Boessenkool.

Premier Clark suffered the largest drop of any sitting head of government.

So Premier Clark tell us again ? Why did you hire Sara MacIntyre and Ken Boessenkool?

Oh yea to help improve your image and keep your caucus under control.

How do you like the results?