Christy Clark on the National Stage -Part 2

So while the other Premiers are hard-working on the National Stage trying to solve the nation’s health care problems, what is our erstwhile Premier up to?

Texting on her cell phone and it’s obviously not work related given the smile.

Sitting there goofing off and flaunting it in front of the National Press gallery.

Why do we waste our text dollars sending this dimwit anywhere?

11 thoughts on “Christy Clark on the National Stage -Part 2”

  1. The BC Auditor general has just given a prime example of why the Victoria legislature needs to be cleansed of both the BC “Liberals’ and the NDP. Those two corrupt partys behave the way they do because they, and the media, make it seem like there is no other choice. The BC “Liberals” and the NDP are out of touch crooks, spending our damn money like it grows on trees, while they further interfere with every aspect of our lives and expand bureaucratic reach. Klarks politicking, and posturing this last week with regards to the pipeline has been a complete embarrassment, the twittering git. How can someone so devoid of substance, as Klark is, be trusted to run the Provinces affairs!? British Columbians should be enraged at this latest AG report and send these elitist thieves a message in the next election and vote for the BC Conservatives, or anybody else for that matter, anyone but these reckless parasites.

  2. She is bored. Students do that in my class when they don’t want to do the work I assign, nor listen to instructions. Uusually a sign of lack lustre performance. Hmmmm…………our Premier?

  3. She is a twit and therefore is probably tweeting like a twit. The short answer however is the fact that she is a twit. Thank you.

  4. How crass of her to engage in the vulgarities of textual intercourse in plain view of the National Gallery. This makes me wonder what we aren’t seeing from MSM in Victoria.

    Off topic but on par for this government a nice report from AG on Leg expenses:

    “In a terse 17-page report, Mr. Doyle found “significant deficiencies” in the legislature’s financial affairs so that, for example, tasks like the purchase of and payment for goods and services were not properly segregated to prevent fraud, and a lack of tracking of documentation of members’ travel expenses”

    1. She should be more in the game with the national press gallery on hand, especially when most people seem to despise her. Less smug and more seriousness.

  5. Probably checking the time and place of her dinner date with admitted briber of Government Officials Eric Bornmann……………………………
    Or perhaps her $130,000.00 dollar a year Outreach Director one Pamela Martin is texting her to pick up some Seaweed Wrap at the East Coast Couger store.


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