Christy Clark Chooses Vancouver-Point Grey to Lose Her Seat!

Vancouver- Point Grey; As good a place as any to meet your Waterloo!

The Albatross around British Columbia’s neck, Premier Christy Clark, chose Vancouver-Point Grey to lose her seat in the upcoming general election in May 2013.

That’s the riding she won by a mere 500 votes and judging by the phone calls I got today makes her the InDUMBent!

No sooner had Clark called Alison Redford’s reaction to her demands for the Enbridge project silly than I was reminded that she referred to a suggestion by the leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition,Tommy Mulcair as “Goofy”.

With slang like that how does our Premier expect to get any respect at all.

Clark went on to say that she is fighting for BC. This prompted phone calls and emails along the lines of what does she think we are all idiots?

No matter the outcome of the Council of the Federation this week, Clark comes out once again looking like the chump that she is.

She should have started very public discussions regarding the Enbridge issue ages ago, perhaps at the Western Premiers meeting that she skipped and sent lackey Pat Bell to.

She didn’t and has now created the kerfuffle that has got people talking about the constitution again.

Make no mistake about it, Clark is not fighting for BC. She is fighting for her political life and doing a lousy job of it.

Only time will tell if the lucky voters of Vancouver-Point Grey will do the deed that most folks polled wish they had the opportunity to do.

That would be to show Clark the door at the first available opportunity.

I suspect her BC Liberal buddies won’t give them the chance.

What do you think?

9 thoughts on “Christy Clark Chooses Vancouver-Point Grey to Lose Her Seat!”

  1. Dummy was serious when she said she was fighting for BC. There still must be a few dollars that the liebrals have yet to hand over t their friends so dumbo is going to fight until the bitter end to get them. BC Rail is going to pay off for her if the pipeline is not allowed so she wins either way. The bitumen is going to get shipped to china one way or another. Rail or Pipe line crissy could care less. She will probably be living on Bransons island some place as a maid or made .

  2. It’s not just Christy who is done- the whole damn party is equally corrupt. Every single one of those BC Liberal MLA’s voted in favor of the corrupt sale of BC Rail. Every single one of those MLA’s is currently silent on the equally corrupt giveaway of the LDB warehouses.
    Bring on the NDP and their guaranteed public inquiry into the BC Rail theft.

    1. I agree they are done but not so fast to bring on the NDP.The BC Conservatives will inquire into BC Rail. John Van Dongen will see to that and hey will save you some tax money at the same time!

  3. Klark is such a nit wit it’s painful to witness. This is the woman that is up to her ears in unethical behaviour… BC Rail… and now we’re supposed to believe that she’s looking out for BC interests regarding the pipeline. She really has contempt for all British Columbians, and the party she leads. I look forward to seeing her destroyed at the polls… such an awful woman. Klark is the poster child for why people hate politicians… she behaves like some kind of mafioso dingbat. What an embarrassment.

  4. If the BC Liberals go into the Fall session with Clark still Leader, I don’t believe they will have enough time to turn their Party’s fortunes around by next May. It’s late in the third period and they’re down 7-0,and even the MSM play-by-play guys aren’t talking about a comeback. Clark has to booted before the fall,and a new Leader put in place that can convince the voters they actually have changed their ways.

    Unfortunately, I doubt any Leader could rescue the BC Liberals from their fate next Spring,maybe just alleviate the pain a bit. Anyone who could lead the Libs to a 20 seat position would be a master politician imho.
    Christy Clark may very well join the exclusive club that Joy McPhail and Jenny Kwan belonged to a few years ago,one of only two members of her Party sitting in the Legislature.

    1. Depends upon when the fall session starts. I think she gets the boot either before or at the Convention. Most likely before.

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