Christy Clark: The Country gets a look at the Charlatan of BC!

Christy Clark AKA Cruella Deville ; I am what I am!

Every village has its idiot and British Columbia’s is on the national stage attempting to extort money from the rest of the country for a project she has yet to take an official stance on.

She refuses to take a stance on the project but uses baffle gab like ” It will be terrible for the environment but for the right price we can over look it. ( That in itself is a rendition of the old joke” I know what you are now it’s a matter of haggling over price”)

Clark’s position on the Enbridge project is telling of her character,something that those of us that live in BC have been subjected to for quite some time.

She is a devout socialist, something that comes through every-time she says no pipeline or blockade.

She is a phony and has talked about native treaty rights so much lately it won’t be long before she utters those famous words. You know” In my heart I am a six nations person”

She claims she wants her ” Fair Share” for BC but refuses to say what the “Fair Share” is. When questioned Clark’s reply is that she does not want to negotiate the project in the press.

In truth and in fact that just shows what a liar Clark is, her public rebuttal of Allison Redford is exactly that; a public attempt to get Redford to give up some of the royalties.

I have said before that Clark and the BC Liberals biggest fear is that somebody will take her up on it and want to talk.

If that happened Clark and team would have to take a position one way or another. Something they desperately want to avoid.

This whole public discourse is Clark’s futile attempt to find a so-called wedge issue to prop up her dead carcass in the polls.

It won’t work and now the whole country is getting to see the laughing-stock we refer to as Premier.

In fact even Kevin Falcon himself did his best to get her off the front page when he unveiled the deficit today.

What do you think? Is Clark a bad joke?

24 thoughts on “Christy Clark: The Country gets a look at the Charlatan of BC!”

  1. So, we have the modern equivalent of the stage coach robber – why stop at the pipeline – how about those railways and highways? There is grain and potash from Saskatchewan, pork from Manitoba, tourists – so many opportunities for ransom. Cheers.

  2. cristy clark hates social programs, hates pension plans, hates a growing stock market, hates technology, hates people bettering themselves, etc. etc. how do i know this? because she obviously hates progress. alberta oil is carrying the load in this country in case she missed it. nothing like sending Boxer to the glue factory BEFORE hes even had a chance to build the windmill. moronic liberals!!!

  3. I think I would take clark over mcguinty……if that can be called an improvement. say BC, you don't seem to have enough wind turbines. do we have the man for you.

  4. Is it against Socialist Canada’s ethics to demand just comensation? It is Communist Alberta’s hypocracy to deny nationaizing the oil sands and demand an easement into BC Natives unsettled landclaim.
    Typical Trash Journalism skip the facts and include tabloid BS. Under Delgamuuku the Pipeline is already DEAD as ruled by the Supeme Court of Canada: Aboriginal Title trumps the Constitution of Canada.
    Christy was being nice. Now BC will ask for Alberta’s first born and second born plus 2 arms and 2 leggs of every Albertan.

  5. Rob McNabb, you do protest too much. Surely you are aware that something just short of a billion barrels of petroleum in some form is on the move as we discuss. BC’s pristine this and sacred that are no more important on the global scene than anyone else’s environment. Nimby.

  6. Is Mike Morton working for peanuts or just recycling old Peanuts’ lines like Sally Brown’s : “All I want is what I… I have coming to me. All I want is my fair share.”?

  7. Klark is simply doing what all federal Liberals do best… divide and conquer. Conjure up an “enemy”, in this case, big bad Alberta and Enbridge… pit one part of the country against another. Klark is a complete embarrassment to this Province. The manufactured hysteria involving the pipeline is beyond a joke, like BC doesn’t have any pipelines already, yet, this pipeline is somehow different from all the rest… what utter BS! The amount of money this pipeline would bring into this Province would far out distance the so called “risks”, which beyond sabotage, are minimal at best. Klark is simply pandering to the enviro-mentals and the stupid. Klark doesn’t understand the BNA Act, which isn’t a surprise as she’s a federal Liberal (cultural marxist) so she’s probably never heard of it. Kristy the Klown is a fool leading the fools parade. That Alberta oil will go through BC one way or the other, whether it’s by train or truck, or the more enviromentally sound, and cheaper pipeline. Kristy is truly a Klown, although I’m sure she’s pleasing the rich foreigners who don’t want that pipeline either. Pathetic!

  8. Well, she is some kind of a joke, and anyone with an ounce of common sense knows it.
    We are all laughing at her and her fart catchers, and when the Electorate start laughing at you……………………………. you’re done.


  9. You don’t get it that redfraud and her cooked up this scheme to kill the pipeline without pissing off conservatives (too much). Redfraud can say it’s BC’s fault and BC can say it’s Alberta’s fault. Then quietly, through surrogates they can both say they stopped it for the green lobby.

  10. You are so correct on this. CC seriously needs to step down as premier. I was a liberal supporter but I cannot bring myself to vote for them unless there is a drastic change in leadership.
    As for this pipeline I am still undecided, need to see environmental stu
    dy completed e
    tc. The tax dollars this province will receive are desperately needed for us to maintain our social programs. But at what cost is the question. More input is required.

      1. The sooner, the better. I really outgh to look more carefully before moving-I came from Ontario where Premier Dad rules supreme and now, here I am in BC, ruled by a bubbleheaded radio show host masking as a Premier.

    1. Phil, This is the rock-hard place scenario. Get the royalties, spend ’em on social programs and BC holds the bag when a disaster hits; or, bank them for the cleanup fund, and our social services continue to decline. Either way, BCers hold the dirty end of one stick or another. The only winners are the corporatists, for whom too much is never enough.

      1. The Libs don’t bank very well otherwise they would have started a Heritage fund when we ran a surplus back in the early 2,000’s. They frittered it away!

  11. Oh yeah? She gave up any legitimate right to be a heavy-hitter in this NGP debacle — on the fence forever, no statements entered, etc. However, I think she is right to expect recompense for BC. Trouble is, that lucre would be used to support things that the BC Liberals have dropped or let slide, when legitimately it should be set aside for the clean-ups that surely will come. Remember, the discourse has hardly touched on the horror of a tanker spill on our wonderful coast.
    Another point, Poli: How in hell can you call CC a socialist? I have a lot of Tommy Douglas social-contract ethic, but she is no socialist who I could recognize. And she is truly LINO; calling her and her ilk “neo-liberal” is nonsense; “neo-fascist” I can understand. Or, “neo-corporatist puppet.”

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