Another MLA Says Good Bye and thanks everybody except Christy Clark!

Hayer: If I just give her a swift kick in the ass it would solve a lot of problems for a lot of people!

Long time MLA Dave Hayer bid provincial politics good-bye today and he like most of the cast before him thanked everybody except Premier Christy Clark. ( Cue Kash Heed’s swan song)

Hayer even took time in his statement to thank Gordon Campbell.

It wasn’t that long ago the BC Liberal Caucus Crew couldn’t get rid of Campbell fast enough and now on the way out they give him plaudits.

It just shows you how low Clark has taken the party when those leaving don’t bother to say thanks.

Kind of makes you think they are all leaving because of her. ( They are 67% of the voting public don’t trust her,why should her caucus)

Hayer’s middle finger to Clark is even more significant than Heed’s, after all they worked together when the BC Liberals first came to power!

Who will go through the revolving door next at Chez Christy Clark Liberals?

Do you have any idea?

9 thoughts on “Another MLA Says Good Bye and thanks everybody except Christy Clark!”

  1. It’s too bad Hayer DIDN’T “kick her in the ass”,verbally,on his way out. As he said,it would have saved us all a lot of trouble.
    The BC Liberals are in denial,they won’t acknowledge what the public already knows,they can’t win with Clark.

    But Canadian politicians are by and large,a cowardly lot,perhaps it comes from a culture of always following the Leader in order to maintain Party discipline. You have to give Van Dongen a lot of credit,at least he walked out and told everyone why.

    I have little respect left for senior Liberal MLA’s,who MUST realize they’re going down to a massive defeat next year, but do nothing about it. I suppose LPBC solidarity is more important to them than doing what’s good for the Province,and THAT is, dump Christy Clark ASAP.
    We are going to endure four bloody years of NDP government. Let us hope Adrian Dix has moderated his radical Left stance somewhat from his days with the Other Clark.

    1. Adrian is just as left as he always has been, nothing will change that.

      Fortunately the BC Conservatives will be around to throw a wrench in his plans. Dix dropped 5% in today’s poll, the Conservatives went up 3.

      10 months left to close the gap. It will happen.

      More on this in today’s blog post!

  2. Kristy Klark is the poison… still find it an astonishingly suicidal impulse for the BC Liberals to have inserted Klark as the leader of that Party… kinda like giving the middle finger to everyone in British Columbia… it’s like the BC LIberals said… hey, if you think Campbell was a sleazy detached autocrat with a questionable ethical standard and a loathing of democratic principles, wait to you get a look at whom we’ve chosen to replace him… they simply couldn’t have chosen anyone more colossally unsuitable, flakey, and dangerous to the well being of the citizens and the Province… not that comrade Dix will be any better, certainly a disaster in the waiting, but Kristy f’n Klark? Come’on! BC Conservatives are IMO without a doubt the only political party worth voting for.

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