Elizabeth May just might have forced the Supreme Courts hand!

Boris: Elizabeth who? I have no idea who you are talking about!

Boris Wrzesnewskyj is probably crying in his corn flakes right about now.

If the members of the Supreme Court happen to read the Globe and see this piece it will give them yet another reason to over turn the judgement of the Ontario Court.

MS. May makes my argument for me, that the result from the election should be allowed to stand simply because voting conditions have changed since May 2011.

Election Canada has also said time and time again that we are talking about 20 or 30 votes which although are just as important as every other vote didn’t necessarily go to Conservative candidate Opitz.They could have been spread out equally amongst the parties.

I think common sense will prevail and the Supreme Court will over rule Ontario and ask Elections Canada to clean up their act.

As for Elizabeth May, Canadians and Conservative voters probably owe her a thanks.

Her ridiculous idea and strategy probably just saved us the cost of a by-election.

What are your thoughts?

7 thoughts on “Elizabeth May just might have forced the Supreme Courts hand!”

  1. Amen to that.

    This will also put a stop (or at least a big crimp) in the never ending efforts of the Progressive left to attempt to overturn the democratically expressed will of the people. These thugs will use every avenue to attempt to deligitimize and if possible overturn the results of the election since it repudiates their sense of entitlement to the levers of power. They also hope their never ending barrage of slanders against the Prime Minister, his cabinet, sitting Conservative MP’s and Canadians who support the CPC and conservative principles will eventually wear down the Conservative movement and allow them to grab the reigns of power once again.

    We will continue to see fake stories like “Robocalls” and efforts to overturn close electoral results (but only if a Conservative candidate won) until 2015, and when the CPC wins that election, the cycle of vilification and hate will be redoubled.

  2. My thoughts?
    Well I owe the illustrious Ms. May nothing.

    She is an opportunist perpetuating a fraud that got her into Office.

    i place her in the same category as Hedy Fry, Libby Davies, Ida Chong and a number of others.

    Schilling anything to gain and stay in a position of power.


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