Clark and Marois: Two Extortionist Peas in a Pod!

If Clark can pull this crap why not me?

With talk of a Quebec election the talk of the never-ending referendum has started up again.

This time Quebec MNA and nutcase Bernard Drainville, in anticipation of an election victory ( read: taking the Quebec electorate for granted) unveiled extortion plans to get the referendum happening when the PQ get to power.

Why shouldn’t Marois and her team get into the act?

It comes on the heels of last weeks hijacking of the Premiers meeting by dimwitted BC Premier Christy Clark who stood on her soap box in what will no doubt be a vain attempt to extort money from Alberta and buy votes from the good citizens of BC.

This is obviously a case of monkey see monkey do as Clark looks in the mirror and sees Marois and vice versa!

Stuck in the middle? Some say Prime Minister Harper.

The real answer is the taxpayer who will no doubt foot the bill for these shenanigans.

Had enough yet?

Who do you think will do the Extortion Shuffle next?

6 thoughts on “Clark and Marois: Two Extortionist Peas in a Pod!”

  1. Crissy has a new job offer possibility good for her. Hope she talks better french than English cause she sure isn’t able to make any sense in this language.

    But shouldn’t it read baboon see as opposed to
    “a case of monkey see monkey do ?

    Think it is time to hire a firm from some place pulled out of a hat , to take a look at BC books. Even NDP appears to be waffling when it comes time to talk negatives about the liebrals.Has me concerned as to be careful for what you wish.Their legal critique aid he is not an expert so get one.

  2. Wilson what are you talking about? “BC is investing heavily in a liquified (sic) natural gas plant in Kitmat.”

    BC is doing nothing but cashing cheques. Three publicly-traded companies -Encana (Calgary), EOG (Houston) and Apache (Houston) – are building the plant in Kitimat. BC is doing next to nothing – although it did relax their requirement that the LNG plant be green powered.

    It is nice to imagine cases whereby BC could be by-passed, but they aren’t really practical. There are a lot of reasons why the pipeline to bring gas from Alaska and McKenzie has been talked about but not built for 40 years. Those issues aren’t going to be solved simply because the gas might flow the other way.

  3. This does not bode well for the Confederation. When it becomes more popular and an expectation to demand concessions from the others for the benefit of a few – rather than to first consider what can be done for the benefit of all, then the noble dream of this Dominion is doomed. A Nation from sea to sea to sea cannot be built without its people believing they are one nation from sea to sea to sea. Canada is not such a place. Our politicians have ensured that this is so.

  4. Well, Albertan oil & gas companies have options.
    BC is investing heavily in a liquified natural gas plant in Kitimat,
    but perhaps the Albertan companies drilling for gas in BCs north will ship their gas elsewhere…!

    ”…TransCanada Corp. will be promoting a shorter leg in an upcoming open season on its massive Alaska to Alberta natural gas pipeline project, offering shippers an option to move gas to a liquefaction plant in Alaska…”

    The Feds should partner with who ever wants to build a bitumen pipeline to Alaska.

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