Christy Clark pulls a Rene Levesque on the National Stage!

Redford : Out here in Alberta we have a saying: Shoot,Shovel and Shut Up! Ms. Clark if I were you I would consider shutting up!

Christy Clark has gone from alienating most of the voters in BC to pissing off the Rest of Canada.

The ROC now see how fortunate they were when Clark earlier skipped the Western Premiers Meeting.

Clark has taken this weeks affair and instead of being a good leader on a strong Canadian team , stood on the national stage trolling for votes needed to save her political life.

There is a fine line between tough and stupid and with her outrageous demands Clark once again crossed it.

You want more money? Go on record and tell us what our votes are worth. Then how about conducting a normal business deal? Call Enbridge and negotiate with them.

That, however would require Clark and her government to take a stance on this whole issue. Something they are loathe to do!

Clark won’t and in doing so, she has managed to add to the group of people who will vote to cast her out of office next May. Her attempt at extortion has shown the six nations people the person who she really is. ( That would be a sleazy unelected Premier with no leadership skills).

Christy Clark is a dangerous politician. The polls show her on the way out. The next 9 months will not be about good governance for BC. They will all be about Clark trying to find a way to increase her public support and to keep a thin hold on her party leadership.

That in itself is a shame.

Are you ready for that?