Coalition Avenir Quebec kicks off Potential Election by Turfing Candidate!

Sovereignists Racists? Where did you ever get an idea like that?

Coalition Avenir Quebec Candidate Kamal Lufti was turfed by his party today for tweeting that sovereignists are racists.

A great start from the new party who wants to make an impact on an election some say will be called August 1st.

Wonder how that compares to some of the things today’s student demonstrators more than likely were saying about Jean Charest and his Liberals?

The unfortunate thing was that Lufti was not necessarily wrong, given the closing remarks of head Separatist Klansman Jacques Parizeau after the last referendum.

After-all they did lose that vote because of money and the ethnic vote didn’t they?

7 thoughts on “Coalition Avenir Quebec kicks off Potential Election by Turfing Candidate!”

  1. For those seeking more of a choice these elections, I came across this site. It is a non-partisan website that encourages anglophones and allophones to reflect wisely on 9 years of Liberal rule.

    Hopefully, it will encourage the fine anglophone and allophone citizens of Quebec to vote with our feet – rather than being party to the corruption and scandal the Liberal party bathes in.

    Feel free to link to it.

  2. Separatist Quebecers are racist? Wow… who would have thought that forcing an historically English speaking Province and country to manufacture and pay for a Government imposed french language industry, complete with french language police, and hiring quotas within the public service, while banning and restricting the use of English were acts of racism. Someone alert the CBC, the Liberals and the NDP, as I’m sure they did not know of this. Good thing to know next time we’re distorting our country beyond recognition and catering to french speaking Quebecers at every turn. Lufti should have known better than to speak the truth… truth has no place in the tribal distortions of history and fact.

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