Christy Clark Postioned Appropiately For Island Speech

Where oh Where could Christy Clark’s handlers be?

In a picture tells a thousand words scenario, note where the BC Liberal team had Clark positioned to give her keynote address to the recent barbecue used to pump up the troops on the island for the coming election.

Never on to miss a photo-op,Christy Clark stands next to a sign that captures the mood of those questioned in recent polls!

You would think that with all the problems that the BC liberals have had, new communications guy Morton would have seen that and had her positioned away from it.

Not so and this is yet another gaffe by the BC Liberal team currently predicted by the polls to be wiped off the island electoral map in 2013.

Who will Clark blame for this? The Media? Pollsters? Her Communications team?

17 thoughts on “Christy Clark Postioned Appropiately For Island Speech”

  1. A hah now we see the picture that Urban Cowgirl pamala was trying to catch with her camera at the jerks and jeans BBQ..

    1. The Devil himself..LOL probably right.

      Thank you for reading and commenting. It’s a pleasure to have you aboard!

  2. There is always Satan to blame, you know the Devil made me do it. One would think BC Liberals believe that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned by Vaughn Palmer and CKNW’s Gord McDonald. Could have been worse, they could have cropped out prohibition but that involves alcohol restriction and LDB something she is not willing to talk about. What a joke.

  3. Well she will blame The Media, the Pollsters and
    her Communications team.

    With her grade 12 education, remember if you have a pulse you get moved up to the next Grade, it’s the best she can do.

    This is a grown woman who believes the Flintstones is a Documentary.

    A little off Topic, but I spent some time thinking about the young woman that you Posted about yesterday. Couldn’t come up with words to convey my heartbreak.
    Where is the justice………………………….. well there is none.

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