“Le Shove” Will it Catch On? #canpoli #bcpoli #abpoli #qcpoli

What’s with all this shoving going on?

Pauline Marois has started something with her recent shove of Pierre Karl Peledeau from the podium in a recent Q and A session during the Quebec election.

I think before this election is over Pierre will give her the “Le Shove’ back.

In recent days in Alberta, it seems the PC Party is getting ready to tell free spending leader , bully and Premier Alison Redford to “Shove Off“. In fact a second MLA has just left to sit as an independent and out of her caucus.

Federally, Liberal candidates are now telling leader Justin Trudeau to “Shove it” and backing away from party nominations.

I suspect in 2015 voters will tell him the same thing.

Pretty soon ” Le Shove” will be Canada’s national dance!