Pigs at the Trough! Disgusting! #bcpoli #canpoli #LindaReid #BCSpeakeroftheHouse

Another BC Politician tarnishes Petunia’s Good name !

Here we go again.

Hot on the heels of the Jenny Kwan expense scandal comes BC Speaker of the House Linda Reid with her own rendition of the hit song ” It’s not wrong, it’s within the rules“.

When asked if she would do it again, did she say no?

No she said she would have the conversation with audits to see if the practice would remain the same!

She doesn’t get it!

The sense of entitlement is disgusting and both she and the people that put her in the job should be ashamed.

This is her second go around in the expense trough with the first being the $48,000 touch screen computer terminal.

Linda Reid should do the right thing and step down, resign and leave politics.

If she doesn’t her colleagues ought to shame her into leaving starting with the Premier.

This is a reflection on her government.

Does nobody in the provincial elected house take taxpayers money seriously?

When will it stop?

3 thoughts on “Pigs at the Trough! Disgusting! #bcpoli #canpoli #LindaReid #BCSpeakeroftheHouse”

  1. If I may reply to your two questions:"Does nobody in the provincial elected house take taxpayers money seriously?

    No, and they do not take US seriously .We are dumb peasants to the political classes,and even if we do get outraged enough,we boot them out to simply elect more of the same type.

    "When will it stop?" Never. Our society and educational institutions have taught the culture of "the self" for forty years.The result is we grow a crop of "selfish" people whose only concern is for…. you guessed it!

    Politicians will only remain honest if they fear their citizens and politicians today know they have nothing to fear from us sheeple.We are WAY too civilized for our own good.

    And please don't believe the next person who says he/she will "do politics differently". Even if that person IS sincere, he will be immediately shown "the way it is"on entering Parliament or the Legislative Assembly,and will comply or be completely ostracized.

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