The Jenny Kwan Saga: My View #bcpoli #bcleg #canpoli #resignation #bcndp

What? Did you three think you were going to get off that easy?

By now most people have read the sordid tale of the Portland Hotel Society.

Lost in all this as usual are the taxpayers and in particular the constituents of Jenny Kwan’s own riding.

They are lost because she ,during her teary eyed press conference yesterday, pledged to step away from politics and take a sabbatical.

This is of litle help to the people of her riding,Vancouver-Mt.Pleasant because it means they will not be represented in the house as long as that sabbatical continues.

In my view that is a sham.

It is also, in my opinion, scandalous, that the current leader of the BCNDP ( Adrian Dix) and the two leadership hopefuls ( John Horgan and Mike Farnsworth) have not come out and taken a strong stand and asked her to step aside.

In fact they haven’t said anything. How do they think the voting public will take them seriously in 2017.

Stepping aside for Kwan and taking a stance by leadership would be the right thing to do.

Somebody said to me yesterday even if she did resign and a by election were held the riding would still vote BCNDP.

My answer? So what! The people of Vancouver- Mt. Pleasant should be represented in the house like all other ridings.

As far as Kwan goes? She would be able to run for nomination in the lead up to the next election and if she wins, she’s the people’s choice.

But her actions yesterday have silenced the people of her riding, and that’s wrong.

The BCNDP Leadership and Kwan should be ashamed, no matter how you spin it!

5 thoughts on “The Jenny Kwan Saga: My View #bcpoli #bcleg #canpoli #resignation #bcndp”

  1. Kwan's tears were only due to the thought of not having that lovely MLA's salary and expense account any more, genuine contrition is an emotion that woman doesn't have. Jenny Kwan is political hardball player,her machinations to remove moderate Carole James from the leader's role were well reported at the time.

    I get a real laugh at how tough feminist politicians always fall back on the "poor little defenceless woman" schtick when they have to for political survival, an advantage they definitely have over male politicians. Of course, it's not politically correct to recognize that a "victim" group actually have an advantage and that they use it whenever necessary.

    Funny,within a few days we've seen two of the toughest "broads" in the Canadian political arena use their gender as a weapon against detractors, Redford' s "I'm a mother" and now Kwan's "my lying husband deceived me".

    No,ladies, you've just had your true personality exposed,and it ain't pretty. Kwan should do as Redford and resign, but there's all that dough she'd have to give up so….

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