Quebec Election: Time for Liberal Couillard to Grow a Set! #canpoli #qcpoli #bcpoli

Time for Couillard to Step Up To The Plate!

Should Lieutenant-Governor Pierre Duchesne disolve the house in Quebec today ( As requested by Premier Pauline Marois) Quebeckers will begin the walk down the slippery slope to the next referendum.

You can rest assured if the PQ gets a majority they will venture down that path simply because most of the Separatist antagonists are old enough that this will be their last kick at the Canadian cat! ( I know it’s a beaver ).

The latest poll shows Marois and crew up some 22% where it matters in the French Hinterland.

The only good thing about this poll is that it’s a poll and lately the pollsters have been wrong more than they have been right.

What will it take to get the Liberals back in the game?

Firstly, Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard will have to grow a set of balls and dispense with the wishy washiness hes displayed when the PQ introduced the secular charter.

That in itself is a major reason why the polls are so high in Marois favor.

Secondly the old separatist guard, many who came out against the secular charter ( which is expected to be the centerpiece of Marois election plan) will have to come out of the closet and re state their position on it.

I am sure people like Jacques Parizeau will and that will cause Marois problems.

It’s ironic when you think about it that if you are hoping that the PQ loses and that Canada stays together, Parizeau, after all his seperatist bluster, might inadvertently turn out to be your hero :)!

Lastly, there is enough potential for sordid detals to come out of the Quebec Curruption hearings that may cause Quebecers to show enough disgust for the two regular parties and vote CDQ in protest.

Should the house be dissolved today, what do you think will happen? PQ majority? Another minority?

Do you care?