On October 21 the BCNDP and Adrian Dix will get a chance to define themselves!

Who will Win Mayor Moonbeams old Riding?

The coming battle between Geoff Meggs and George Heyman in Vancouver Fairview will present Adrian Dix and the BCNDP at chance to define themselves.

In one corner you have Geoff ( I declare war on the car and lean-to the far left ) Meggs versus George ( I am in the center and would have made a good leader) Heyman.

This nomination will be worth watching for a lot of reasons:

Will Adrian come out and support buddy Geoff sending a message he like his friends and that the party is veering left?

Will he support George and send a centrist message to the voting public?

Will Meggs if he wins immediately resign his municipal Councillors seat?

Will Mayor Moonbeam get involved and demonstrate a win for Meggs means bicycle lanes across the province? ( Maybe they will put one up one the Pat Bay Highway from the ferry terminal to the legislature for Meggs to peddle his way to work?)

Will George learn the hard way that even though he thinks he is going to win there will be a busload of last-minute membership sign ups for Meggs enabling him to defeat from the jaws of certain victory?

Will Adrian sit squarely on the fence,support neither of them and still profess to be a leader?

What do you think,will this race define the BCNDP?

4 thoughts on “On October 21 the BCNDP and Adrian Dix will get a chance to define themselves!”

  1. Jeff, I couldn’t help but think of this 70’s ballad and a classic TV commercial when I read your post:



    Hope this little trip down memory lane was pleasant for NDP members and voters pining for the Golden Age of NDP rule.

    My money is on Meggs getting the nomination, and then staying on council until an election is called. Adrian will defer to the time honoured meme that individual CA’s determine their path, not some heavy handed leader. Unless, of course, you are someone like Craig Speirs; and your CA is obligated by NDP provincial policy to discriminate on the basis of gender, skin colour, ethnicity and race. But given all the drama and fireworks in Vancouver Fairview, we will leave that one alone for another day.

  2. Only someone with an axe to grind or someone completely ignorant of B.C. Politics would describe Heyman as the “centrist” in this race.

    1. Meggs is to the far left and George is to the right of him. He is either Centrist or Right. I would be ignorant of BC Politics if I said he was a right wing candidate.

      Thank you for reading and for commenting!

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