BC Rail: Christy Clark Should Order a Full,Immediate and Quick Inquiry!

Enough pictures already,CALL the Inquiry!

David Basi’s memo makes a great case that Christy Clark is a liar.

Clark has fumbled and BS’d around on this and other files since she took over as Premier.

Assuming she has nothing to hide she should have gotten out in front of this her early days as Premier.

She hasn’t and now she has nobody but herself to blame for all the trouble that she is in.

Instead of sending attack dog and resident dimwit of the Premier’s office, Sarah MacIntyre, on the offensive ,Christy Clark should call an immediate,no holds barred inquiry into BC Rail.

I mean if she has nothing to hide what would stop her?

She seems to be reviewing everything else the government does.

So what harm does one more review do? ( If she has nothing to hide).

I bet the expanse of the inquiry would be something to taxpayer would be glad to pay to put behind them.

So Clark should do the right thing ( if she has nothing to hide) and call the inquiry.

After all the public has been clamoring for her to get out in front of this file since she took the oath of office.

So Premier,if you have nothing to hide, do the right thing and call an inquiry and specially have the role you played thoroughly reviewed.

It’s the right thing to do!

What do you think?

7 thoughts on “BC Rail: Christy Clark Should Order a Full,Immediate and Quick Inquiry!”

  1. The media is a house divided on Basi memo. Some say tis not a story, others hold entire talk show segments. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but truth aught not to be? There is a reason why justice is blind and the press all eyes and ears.

  2. Wonder if the camera queen is so sure that she has” nothing to hide” ,weird how that phrase keeps popping up in my head?

    Let her put her cushy pension and job on the line.
    If a public inquiry proves that she is innocent than she gets to keep her plush pension form day 1. But if an inquiry finds her at fault she cancels all perks and pensions coming to her when she is tossed.
    Queeny Put your money where your mouth is and let the public decide .

    1. I would go along with that

      And lets face it” If she has nothing to hide she has nothing to worry about!

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  3. I completely agree with everything you said. Even if she did nothing wrong at all.The new info that has come out raises enough questions that an inquiry is needed. Pretty disgusting that hardly any media is reporting on this. Who really owns them?

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