What should be happening in the BC Liberal Party.

Time to play Change the Leader!

In light of the damning memo revealed on the blog of Alex G.Tsakumis, my experience in politics tells me that although the Liberals are putting on a brave face, discussions have to have started within the BC Liberal Party with respect to Clark and her leadership.

I believe and have seen this before that the time for pussy footing around is long past.

The BC Liberal Executive would have at the very least discussed this issue over the phone and if they haven’t met in person will do so shortly.

As well I am sure the cabinet or members of the BC Liberal Cabinet would have or will start discussing Clark’s leadership too!

For these people it is a matter of survival especially for the elected MLA’s for who this is their job.

You will soon see that the family first agenda applies to their families.

I am sure that the Executive will ( if they have not already) reach out too a trusted colleague like a Shirley Bond .

They would probably want her as a senior cabinet minister to approach the Premier and ask her to step down.

That person would meet with cabinet and discuss the best approach.

This happens only when the party is serious about cleaning up its act in the short term as surely the Liberals would be now.

The nagging question is Who will replace Clark?

21 thoughts on “What should be happening in the BC Liberal Party.”

  1. With the popularity of the liebral party going into the next election they may as well bring back foghorn leghorn as leader. No one listened to him anyway and he was slightly better looking than the dummy and actually made about if not more sense when he opened his face especially while wearing that oh so cool 11:30 pm ish shadow beard look.

    Or they can just turn out the lights ,lock up the doors and put out the “gone fishing back in a few months” sign.

  2. The BC Liberals sealed their fate by electing such an impossibly idiotic leader. The BC Liberals abandoned any pretense of being a free enterprise party with the inexplicable selection of Kristy Klark as their leader. We already have the NDP, we don’t need the NDP light.

  3. There is not a single LIberal Cabinet member who is credible enough to replace her. They must once again go outside the caucus for a candidate,, however I doubt that the people of British Columbia are stupid enough to go for that again.

  4. “Who will replace Clark”?
    Who cares?
    What would it change?
    We are not talking about a Mom and Pop Grocery here. We are talking about an entire roster of Liberal MLA’s and Cabinet Minister’s that are singing Premier ELECT Clark’s praise from the rooftops!
    The Question of the hour is “who will replace the corrupt Liberal Government” come May, the Provincial Conservatives or the Provincial N.D.P.?


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