Christy Clark : Et Tu,Kevin?

In the old days this was how they got rid of a leader, today they use words!

If you are a Senior Minister in a government and really don’t like your leader how would you bring that person down without openly challenging her leadership?

Seems Finance Minister Kevin Falcon has found the way.

First you tell the media you are considering not running again.

As a senior minister this type of discussion sends a message that you are not optimistic about winning re-election under that leaders tenure.

Second, you call a press conference to re-introduce an older tax after the majority of people voted down a newer version with more vile than ever seen before in BC.

During that press conference you refer to the revamped tax as ” a better stupid” version of the old tax pretty much guaranteeing that people get you again in an upcoming general election.

Those two steps alone finish off any chance Premier Clark had of winning re-election next year.

What do you think?