No Happy Days for Richie C!

Which one of these two does Rich Coleman want to be Premier?

Once again the BC Liberals and in particular Rich Coleman have opened the door for Adrian Dix to look more like a Premier than inept Christy Clark.

In a move that even former Federal Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff’s advisors would have trouble topping, Coleman fumbled away the opportunity to help BC winesellers with the opportunity to sell their product on-line.

The BC Government should have been aggressively trying to get a deal with the provinces before the legislation was passed rather than passing it off as a “I’ll contact so and so to see what we can do approach”

They didn’t and left the door open for Dix.

He quipped “Last year I was writing to the other premiers to move on the issue of online sales – that was always the key part of it,” he said. “Either Mr. Coleman doesn’t understand that, or the government is not as supportive of the industry as they ought to be.”

So much for the BC Liberals being the defenders of Free Enterprise, that job seems to have been left to Dix.

Where was the Premier through all of this? As usual she was off defending more lousy poll results instead of showing leadership on issues like this.

Jim Shepard, two days ago, in his comments about sleepwalking to an election loss, should have directed them at Richie C and incompetent Premier Clark.

At this rate not only are they sleepwalking, they are handing Dix and the socialists the election on a silver platter!

What do you think?

Christy Clark Hits New Low!

I wonder If Clark will blow out Mario today?

Mario Canseco will no doubt be in for another tongue lashing today from simple-minded Premier Christy Clark over the latest Angus Reid poll.

Seems Clark finished right near the bottom ( Since most of you reading think she is a bottom feeder it’s probably an appropriate place).

Actually most people look at her that way as 3 out of 5 constituents disapproved of her!

To put Clark’s accomplishment in perspective both Dalton McGuinty and Quebec’s favorite whipping boy Jean Charest finished ahead of her.

Yesterday we heard from Clark Economic Advisor Jim Shepard who said he wished people would see Clark they way he does.

Uh Jim you might want to remove those rose-colored glasses and get a feel for how the voting public feels.

At some point today you will probably hear Clark say she doesn’t pay attention to poll results.

The genie is out of the bottle on that, given during her last tirade it was revealed that the BC Liberals have hired Angus Reid to do polling in the past.

If you didn’t pay attention to poll results why would you hire polling companies?

What do you think of poll results and in particular what do you think of Premier Clark?

You should have kept the 1$ Mr.Sheppard!

Not even this man can save Christy Clark

Cue the Music! Dun Dun Du Dun Dun Da; you know the theme from Mission Impossible.

Jim Sheppard quit his $1 per yer job as Christy Clark’s economic adviser to start a support group for the inept Premier.

Firstly who cares and more importantly NOT EVEN TOM CRUISE CAN SAVE CHRISTY CLARK!

Things are that bad that advisers are leaving to start support groups and the election hasn’t even happened yet!

In fact you should be shocked that Sheppard leaving is the biggest news out of the leaders dinner.

Apparently 1700 people in attendance and all Clark and Sheppard could do was go hat in hand and beg them to join a support group.

Without rehashing everything my recent bonehead post,nothing will save Clark or the BC Liberals. Not even a name change.

Add to that the Filipna Folly from last weekend and Clark is toast.

If Mr.Sheppard thinks he can pull an end around on John Cummins people he doesn’t understand what is driving the BC Conservative and the people that support them.

It`s the same thing the electorate wants and Clark and crew can`t provide it.


Reaching out to the so-called invisible people who Sheppard referred to is akin to telling the electorate that the hidden elite will be enough to prop up Clark’s tired Leadership.

All the smoke and mirrors and BS will not save Clark and anybody associated with her government.

As Alex Tsakumis says your Premier is a dummy and as I consistently say your government is through.

What do you think?

Christy Clark Lied!

Habitual story teller and liar Christy Clark at the Philippine Independence Festival

At the Philippine Independence Day festivities Christy Clark told the Crowd she was the first Premier to visit their country.

Fact check: She wasn’t!

Any junior researcher could have dug these facts up before the Premier’s speech.

Either she was speaking off the cuff once again or she lied.

This is a pattern for Clark who has gaffed and told tales numerous times during her short stint as the BC Liberals wring headed choice for Premier.

If she says it’s an innocent mistake what does this make you think about her reviews and research if they can’t even get this fact right?

Ask yourself this: If she will tell a tale like this how many lies and tales has she told covering up bigger things.

Makes you think it’s time for a public inquiry into BC Rail doesn’t it!

This Premier is an embarrassment to the province and the whole political system.

Imagine how all these people who had their picture taken with her feel. Imagine being shoulder to shoulder with someone who just lied to you with a smile.

She needs to be replaced.

Surely even her party can see that by now!

Christy Clark: This Months Bonehead of the Month Winner, Hands Down!

Clark Wins Coveted Bonehead again!

The results are in and it’s official!

Premier Christy Clark Wins!

To Re Cap May:

Clark Shells out $67,000 to kick out new employee Chris Olsen!

Clark fumbles a simple answer to the question ” Did you smoke pot in high school”

Clark’s Forum Poll results show her and her party on the verge of being wiped out!

Clark brings in Family Day no matter what the cost to small business.

Clark and crew bonehead family day and have it on a different day than Alberta thereby forcing people to take a day off to visit family and spend the holiday with them.

Clark ducks Western Premiers meeting making BC the laughing stock of Western Canada.

Clark mishandles Catalyst file.

Clark gets upstaged by Brad Wall on the Mulcair Dutch Disease file.

Clark screws up the facts on the Hydro File.

Clark hires pollster and then ridicules him because results shows her and her government are inept.

Runners Up

Tommy Mulcair for the Dutch Disease comment

Pauline Marois because she’s Pauline Marois.

This Month Nobody can touch Christy Clark for the Coveted Bonehead of the month award!

Did I leave anything or anyone out?

Bonehead of the Month Christy Clark!

Is anyone more worthy?

FYI : With her Filipina in her heart she is out of the gate flying this month too!

Christy Clark will do and say anything to get your vote!

The Evil Queen!

Christy Clark is evil. She will do and say anything to get a vote.

Today she told a packed Philippine Independence Day that in her heart she was Filipina.

She then went around the crowd asking if they wanted a picture with her.

They were surprised.

Why would they be? This is the Queen of photo-ops who will do anything and say anything to get your vote.

What will she say or do next?

Any thoughts?

What’s with the Globe and Mail?

All Most all the News that's fit to Print!

Musings for a Sunday!

Lately we have been hearing a lot about the Globe and mail putting up a firewall and charging you for what you are reading ( after a certain number of stories).

To a certain extent I get that.

If you are reading this in a different time zone than that of British Columbia’s , you might not realize that most stories in the paper are available free by about 9 PM BC time.

I cancelled my subscription because I got sick of paying for things ( The highest subscription rates of any paper by the way) that other people got for free.

What confounds me this weekend,( unless I am proven wrong) is that after trial ballooning that they might charge for content, the Globe appears to have missed online 2 of the biggest stories that matter to British Columbians.

Firstly, I can find nothing online from the Globe regarding John van Dongen getting intervenor status on Friday. This from a news source that did reasonable coverage up to the announcement.

Second and perhaps more astounding , I could find no coverage of the bomb threats on the BC Ferries. This threw me for a loop because the Globe trumpets their mobile app. as one of the best to stay informed.

I can only imagine how somebody in the ferry line up would have felt clicking the app and looking for answers.

To the Globe I say, if you are going to charge for online content, pull up your socks and report all the stories.

Otherwise you will not be able to lay claim to be “Well Written and Well Read”; your readers like me will vanish.

What do you think?

John van Dongen awarded intervenor status!

BC Newest Intervenor!

Today a big victory for the BC Taxpayer!

John van Dongen was granted intervenor status in the Basi-Virk indemnity review case.

This is unique in that John is an elected MLA representing British Columbians. Our voice will now be heard!

Maybe now we can get to the bottom of this charade.

Perhaps we will find out why two government lackeys were allowed to write of $6 million in legal fees, well over their defined limit of $100,000. ( how do you say cover up?)

Well done John. We are all very proud of you!