No Happy Days for Richie C!

Which one of these two does Rich Coleman want to be Premier?

Once again the BC Liberals and in particular Rich Coleman have opened the door for Adrian Dix to look more like a Premier than inept Christy Clark.

In a move that even former Federal Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff’s advisors would have trouble topping, Coleman fumbled away the opportunity to help BC winesellers with the opportunity to sell their product on-line.

The BC Government should have been aggressively trying to get a deal with the provinces before the legislation was passed rather than passing it off as a “I’ll contact so and so to see what we can do approach”

They didn’t and left the door open for Dix.

He quipped “Last year I was writing to the other premiers to move on the issue of online sales – that was always the key part of it,” he said. “Either Mr. Coleman doesn’t understand that, or the government is not as supportive of the industry as they ought to be.”

So much for the BC Liberals being the defenders of Free Enterprise, that job seems to have been left to Dix.

Where was the Premier through all of this? As usual she was off defending more lousy poll results instead of showing leadership on issues like this.

Jim Shepard, two days ago, in his comments about sleepwalking to an election loss, should have directed them at Richie C and incompetent Premier Clark.

At this rate not only are they sleepwalking, they are handing Dix and the socialists the election on a silver platter!

What do you think?