What’s with the Globe and Mail?

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Musings for a Sunday!

Lately we have been hearing a lot about the Globe and mail putting up a firewall and charging you for what you are reading ( after a certain number of stories).

To a certain extent I get that.

If you are reading this in a different time zone than that of British Columbia’s , you might not realize that most stories in the paper are available free by about 9 PM BC time.

I cancelled my subscription because I got sick of paying for things ( The highest subscription rates of any paper by the way) that other people got for free.

What confounds me this weekend,( unless I am proven wrong) is that after trial ballooning that they might charge for content, the Globe appears to have missed online 2 of the biggest stories that matter to British Columbians.

Firstly, I can find nothing online from the Globe regarding John van Dongen getting intervenor status on Friday. This from a news source that did reasonable coverage up to the announcement.

Second and perhaps more astounding , I could find no coverage of the bomb threats on the BC Ferries. This threw me for a loop because the Globe trumpets their mobile app. as one of the best to stay informed.

I can only imagine how somebody in the ferry line up would have felt clicking the app and looking for answers.

To the Globe I say, if you are going to charge for online content, pull up your socks and report all the stories.

Otherwise you will not be able to lay claim to be “Well Written and Well Read”; your readers like me will vanish.

What do you think?