Christy Clark will do and say anything to get your vote!

The Evil Queen!

Christy Clark is evil. She will do and say anything to get a vote.

Today she told a packed Philippine Independence Day that in her heart she was Filipina.

She then went around the crowd asking if they wanted a picture with her.

They were surprised.

Why would they be? This is the Queen of photo-ops who will do anything and say anything to get your vote.

What will she say or do next?

Any thoughts?

8 thoughts on “Christy Clark will do and say anything to get your vote!”

  1. This is a shame! Does she actually think that she will get our votes by claiming that she is “filipina” by heart. She must be kidding me! I think the question that we should ask her , is what has she done for the filipino, immigrants and temporary workers of bc? Does she even recognized us? Does she even care for us? Does she even know us? It is funny that her way of relating to filipinos is by using the name Jessica Sanchez, well Christy Clark, there more to us than that, and if you truly care for us, you will know that.

  2. Pandering to the tribes, and wallowing in identity politics plain and simple. This is the most cynical desperate type of politicking I’ve seen at the provincial level since Gordan Campbell was going around changing historic names (Queen Charlotte Islands) to pander to the Indians. Sick, twisted divisive tribal pandering. Klark really has no shame… it’s clear she’s always been corrupt, after all she is a federal “Liberal”, but I’m beginning to believe her lust for power has rendered her insane. What special tribe will she be pandering to next? Where will her next cynical photo-op take place, and what for? It just gets more and more pathetic with this deranged woman.

  3. When she ‘clearly displays’ the fact that she doesn’t own a top that comes anywhere near her collar bones and cannot utter a sentence without “I think..” (no she does not!), or ‘workin/listenin/sayin’ AND when her utterances leave you scratching your head, wondering WTF DID she say, it is small wonder that her support from women (and now the electorate at large) is in the toilet.

  4. She’s a “Filipina in her heart” is she? I wonder if there’s any room in that left for Canada. Every time that woman opens her mouth she dumbs down the female half of the human species by a decimal point. Come on BC!

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