Bernard Landry: The Return Of Dr.Evil? #canpoli #qcpoli #bcpoli

More Christmas Humor, This time from the Bloc!

When Jean Charest was running for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party I remember a line in his speech that went like this : The Bloc is a Crock!

Charest was ahead of his time as today, Bernard Landry left the door open for his return to politics to lead the party into the next election.

Today he is 76 and when the election happens he will be 78!

Compared to him, my friend John Cummins was a veritable teenager.

In BC We have an expression that goes like this:only in BC Politics would something as crazy as this happen. Well not so fast.

The next Quebec provincial election will happen before the federal election and should Landry lead the Bloc he could actually campaign against Marios given that he has come out against the secular charter she intends to use as the corner stone of her election platform.

What next, will he bring Jaques Parizeau along as his citizenship and immagration critic?

Christy Clark: This Months Bonehead of the Month Winner, Hands Down!

Clark Wins Coveted Bonehead again!

The results are in and it’s official!

Premier Christy Clark Wins!

To Re Cap May:

Clark Shells out $67,000 to kick out new employee Chris Olsen!

Clark fumbles a simple answer to the question ” Did you smoke pot in high school”

Clark’s Forum Poll results show her and her party on the verge of being wiped out!

Clark brings in Family Day no matter what the cost to small business.

Clark and crew bonehead family day and have it on a different day than Alberta thereby forcing people to take a day off to visit family and spend the holiday with them.

Clark ducks Western Premiers meeting making BC the laughing stock of Western Canada.

Clark mishandles Catalyst file.

Clark gets upstaged by Brad Wall on the Mulcair Dutch Disease file.

Clark screws up the facts on the Hydro File.

Clark hires pollster and then ridicules him because results shows her and her government are inept.

Runners Up

Tommy Mulcair for the Dutch Disease comment

Pauline Marois because she’s Pauline Marois.

This Month Nobody can touch Christy Clark for the Coveted Bonehead of the month award!

Did I leave anything or anyone out?

Bonehead of the Month Christy Clark!

Is anyone more worthy?

FYI : With her Filipina in her heart she is out of the gate flying this month too!

Politics at its Dirtiest!

Yesterday a story appeared in La Presse about Gilles Duceppe and the Bloc misusing funds and paying a Bloc staffer with money out of their parliamentary Budget.Today the National Post followed up with an English version of the story.
Mr.Duceppe,has subsequently said he is stepping away from politics to defend his integrity.

I can only imagine most people reading these stories and discussing the events debating about whether he/they did it or not.

That is exactly the question whoever released the story to the press wants you to ask. However,it is not the one you should be asking.

What you should be debating is this: If this has been going on for 7 years why is the story being released now. Surely,somebody inside the Bloc or PQ knew.They could have let this slip out sooner,why now?

The answer of course is that Duceppe has been throwing up trial balloons about the executive of the Bloc deciding the fate of the PQ’s current leader,Pauline Marois.

There has been speculation that Mr.Duceppe has been trying to push her out and take over the leadership himself.

Could this story have been slipped to La Presse by a Marois sympathizer in an attempt to thwart Duceppe from making a come back? Of course!

However the PQ are not the only one with something at stake here. Right now the party is not polling well.If Duceppe had have forced Marois out and brought the PQ back into prominence then their sister party,the Bloc may have also made a comeback federally.

This would have hurt the NDP who is already smarting from a recent defection and it also would have hurt the Liberals who are trying to make a comeback( on the backs of the NDP) of their own.

Remember the interim leader of the NDP is a former Bloc member as are numerous members of the NDP caucus. The NDP defector was of course also privy to all of this and quite likely now so is her new party.

So any of these people could have leaked this to La Presse.

You can speculate all you want,but this is politics at its dirtiest!