Christy Clark Must Go!

I solemnly swear to lie like a rug!

Just when you thought the wacky world of Premier Christy Clark couldn’t get any stupider, she stands on her her soap box , attempts to exonerate incompetent Cabinet Minister Stephanie Cadieux and then blames the whole sordid CLBC screw up on the NDP.

Unless Adrian Dix is a ventriloquist and projected Stephanie to say and do the dumb things she has done since she got the file, how on earth do you hold the NDP accountable for yet another BC Liberal gaffe?

What does she not get?

The Liberals had one of their worst weeks ever and it was largely once again due to the fact that they never take ownership/ leadership of their mistakes.

Their worst weeks ever that is, until this week.

Today,damning evidence came to light showing clearly Premier Clark has lied about her involvement in the BC Rail fiasco.

Tsakumis nails her and confirms beyond the shadow of a doubt the PREMIER IS THE CHARLATAN WE ALL KNEW HER TO BE! ( Charlatan is probably to week a word, liar,cheat and sleaze would be more appropriate)

How on earth do we expect people to vote or get involved with politics with a Premier who tells one lie after another?

She even lied to get the bloody job! In the real world that in itself is cause for dismissal.

In the name of restoring honesty and integrity to the Premier’s office, Clark Must Go!

Wouldn’t you agree?

14 thoughts on “Christy Clark Must Go!”

  1. I agree that Klark is corrupt, and she couldn’t care less about BC, she’s only concerned with herself, she’s a disgrace to the office and she should go as soon as possible. However, IMO Klark will have to be forced out, she will not leave voluntarily, as in her mind it’s all about her.

  2. Seriously Jeff, the-elephant-in-the-room question not asked, but one that needs to be is: where are all the current and former federal Conservatives who threw their lot with the Iron Snowbird? Why isn’t the media digging into that aspect of the story? They must bear the full import of their decision to wilfully dismiss and ignore John Van Dongen’s call to repentance.

    They have brought reproach and shame on the conservative cause by their choice to back her as Premier, and failure to support John Cummins, regardless of whatever personal or past Ottawa differences. The putrid stench of the soiled sheets of their political whoring with Christy cannot be removed.

    Of all politicians involved in this sordid administration, they have much to answer for. Hey, Chuck Strahl, are you happy your gal pal Christy has been proven to be an unethical liar, a leadership candidate fraud, and a possible RCMP suspect for breach of trust? Nice work, the knife in the back in the Wack. I hope your lobbying works out for you. What, with your ties to the BC Liberals, you should do very well.

  3. She needs to go before she does any more damage to the province. Case in point: her venom towards teachers. She ripped up contracts when she was minister of education, then the abuse of essential service designation, no negotiating, insane fines on job action, Jago (wordsmith to bill 22) and soon to be a NET NEGATIVE contract. And to all those parents who complain that teachers aren’t coaching , all the while the vast majority SAY NOTHING when their kids’ education is under assault, I say shame on you. YOUR SILENCE IS DEAFENING. When the dust settles do not expect teachers to give much of their free time, when you gave none of yours.

  4. Clark should definately resign now rather than later. This horrible woman has done more damage to the Liberal party than anyone in the past including Gordon Campbell.
    Special thanks to Alex G Tsakumis for all his hard work and diligence in digging this story from the grave the Liberals thought they had buried it in.
    Charges should and hopefully will be laid in this matter.

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