Sh*t my Premier Says

Believe me,Nobody BS’s and Lies like Premier Clark!

It seems every Friday we end with a blog post detailing the Shenanigans, Gaffes and Bulls*t Premier Christy Clark and her Government are responsible for..

Every week we get hand delivered a new set of lies . It’s almost as if you can go to the BC Liberal web site,enter your email or subscribe and get straight to your inbox this weeks nonsense.

It’s simple just set up a Google Alert and every night like a horror movie your Blackberry or iPhone goes ping and you can see first hand what Christy Clark screwed up that day.

Be prepared,each nights Alert is a long list.

This week I have received a plethora of stories from such authors as Ales G Tsakumis , Warren Kinsella and Michael Smyth. Tonight no doubt I will get one from Lindsay Kines.

Sometimes I even get my own, although this week I entitled my Blog Piece about the fumbling of the Clark Government: Stephanie Cadieux should resign! I don’t have an Alert set up for her because, well, she is irrelevant.( I heard her on the radio a day or so later and she sounded even more incompetent on that medium)

This brings us to a piece by Justine Hunter discussing the BC Liberals trying to work out their differences with the BC Conservatives.

No matter what Fantasy land Phil Hochstein or John Reynolds live in, this will never happen.

The Clark Government don’t know how to tell the truth and certainly will never earn my trust.( or the voting public’s for that matter)

A child could be drowning in the Fraser River and Clark and her entire cabinet could form a chain and pull the kid to safety. The public’s reaction: So what; they were probably looking for a photo-op and tossed the kid there in the first place!

Nothing can save these people because they have passed the point of no return. Certainly no BC Conservative I have ever met would want to join up with them.

Why would we. These people are arrogant and corrupt as we shall see if we ever get lucky enough to have a full inquiry into BC Rail.

They need to be flushed away in the next election.

For a lot of us with Christy Clark in Google Alerts it can’t come soon enough!

What are your thoughts?