If Kevin Falcon doesn’t Trust Premier Christy Clark why should You?

This is directed squarely at you Christy, stop with the unapproved spending!

This post could also be called Christy Clark: Et Tu, Kevin Part 2.

This is not the first time Kevin Falcon has been front and center rapping the Premier over the Financial knuckles and the “leaked” memo is more than likely directed towards Premier Christy Clark and all her photo-optic financial announcements.

This might also explain Transportation Minister Blair Lekstrom not wanting to discuss tolling costs for the Port Mann Bridge.

But make no mistake about it, this is yet another shot across the bow of the lame duck leadership of Premier Christy Clark.

Combine that with recent poll results showing Clark no longer out performs her party and you gotta wonder how long before things get really ugly!

How much longer before Christy Clark is shown the door?

What do you think, will the caucus get rid of her or will it be the electorate in May 2013?

10 thoughts on “If Kevin Falcon doesn’t Trust Premier Christy Clark why should You?”

  1. Monday and BC Rail documents should kick the clown right out of office into flipping burgers or more suitable work for her camaraship. some place far far away, Ft.Mac can use someone with her 2 faced talent.

  2. Well, there’s no way Kristy Klark will see the writing on the wall and resign, that would require at least a modicum of integrity and conscience. No, Klark will take the BC Liberals down with her. The BC Liberals chose the ethically challenged, superficial, sociopathic liar Kristy the Klown as their leader so they deserve to be defeated just for that. Very cynical move, not to mention insulting.

    1. Possibly but there is always the good old fashioned kick in the backside.

      There’s the door don’t let it hit you on the way out!

      Thanks again for the comment and for reading!

  3. Not one of the sitting Liberal MLA’s are honourable enough to cross the Floor on OUR behalf, their Employers.
    We have the Dis Honourable Don McCrae in our Riding. Just imagine him crossing the Floor and sitting as an Independent our our behalf.
    Well you can’t imagine.
    And he won’t.


  4. “Lekstrom. “Most people accept that we have to pay if we want this.”” Really, Blair? Not only did he betray voter trust, he rooted for the Boston Bruins.
    Despite the obvious temptation at the time, I am glad BC Conservatives did not consummate a marriage to Lekstrom. He is a sell-out, and doesn’t even know his file (Translink). It is proof positive unless they are prepared to do as John VanDongen did: denounce BC Liberals failed policies, and make commitments to put their money where their mouth is to address government corruption. Not one of the MLAs remaining with Christy deserve pity or mercy. They have chosen to stay on with a leader who has disgraced the Office of the Premier in order to line their own pension pockets. Despicable.

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