Which message did Quebec voters send?

With last nights split in the Quebec by-elections, I wonder what message the electorate is sending the government and perhaps by extension the country?

Hey Pauline if the country thinks I was an asshole, wait 'til they see you in action!

With the PQ win in a usually safe federal seat, were voters using the by-election as a safe time to send the Charest government a message or is full scale change happening which will lead to another full on unity debate as pompous windbag Pauline Marios seems to think?

With the world economy once again on edge , can Quebec and Canada afford to have that discussion now?

Can Quebec afford to have that discussion no matter the shape of our economy given it relies so much on Federal government assistance ? ( You thought I was going to say because they are a bunch of freeloaders living off the country and whining whenever seat redistribution or senate reform comes up for discussion?)

I would suspect that common sense will eventually prevail and even if the government turns over Quebec will vote to stay in Canada.

If however, we have a referendum and the polls look like we are headed for separation we can always make a robocall or two to Jacque Parizeau”s friends.

You know, his friends named Money and the Ethnic vote!

What do you think?

13 thoughts on “Which message did Quebec voters send?”

  1. Thomas Mulcair has been silent on most happenings in Quebec, what with the student protests, burning and pillaging.
    Having a duel citizenship will not hold him in good stead which could find France socialists hitting him up for a bailout.
    Well, that just aint going to happen as Quebec is in deep…(can’t say that word here), so they will have to bite the bullet and realize the reality of the situation.
    Some just take a little longer.

  2. Honestly who cares if they want to leave provided that they pay off what they owe to Canada. If they want to be a North American Greece, let them do so on their own dime. France will not be bailing them out, for France has enough serious problems at home to deal with.

    1. i think california currently holds the next to greece title. it would probably take very little time for quebec to catch them.

  3. The ROC should have a referendum on whether we want Quebec or not as part of Canada.

    Quebec on it’s own would quickly become North America’s Greece.

    As for the NDP, they will never form government federally, those Liberals who are more business oriented will go right, which would leave the New Liberal Democrats in perpetual opposition.

    If Quebec indeed did separate there would not be enough votes on the left to fill even half of the opposition seats in the HoC.

  4. Basically since all the French media are friends of the P.Q., the unions and the ‘student’ movement, the Liberals have long been toast. And now with the C.A.Q. third party siphoning off federal French votes, the Liberals lost the second by-election.

    The Liberals have been in power too long and unfortunately instead of having a genuine small government alternative in the Action Democratique Party headed by Mario Dumont, we are left with the merge of François Legault’s new vaguely leftist party and the Action Democratique sans Dumont.

    This is like the situation federally where the New Democrats may eventually take power since they are the official opposition and governments get old. We have had this suicidal situation in Quebec for a long time where the only alternative is arsenic.

    As for the referendum I believe Alberta will go first if ever the N.D.P. get in power.

  5. If there is another referendum there will not be an outpouring of love from the rest of Canada, like the last time. Most of us would probably send a message, go, the sooner the better.

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