Sukh Dhaliwal: His Candidacy is His Way of Standing Up for the Interests of Sukh Dhaliwal!

Former Federal Liberal Sukh Dhaliwal Joins the BC Liberal Team!

Below you can read the email from Sukh Dhaliwal introducing himself as the BC Liberal Candidate for the riding of Surrey- Panoramma .

He says he is not prepared to sit on the sidelines and be an observer during the next election.

Lets be clear: Sukh is on the sidelines because the voters in his federal Electoral District handed him his head on a silver platter in the last federal election.

His email proves he hasn’t learned the lesson the voters sent him.

He follows a Premier who, in year end interviews says she will continue to follow the same course she has followed in the last 21 months.

This course includes bringing in the HST,taking her sweet time getting rid of it once the people by referendum directed her to, adding an extra holiday, raising the minimum wage all at great cost to the very same small business people that Sukh claims to be a part of.

They have raised just about every rate you can name and at the same time say they have a family first agenda.

We have been gouged with gas,carbon and toll taxes in the BC Liberals continuing war in the car.

We have watched as they tried to sell of the Liquor Distribution Branch in their latest attempt at a cash grab necessary to balance the budget.

This failure was followed by the recent beer-gate scandal

Did I hear somebody say Trans Link mismanagement? The BC Liberals took part in that too.

The BC liberals, who Sukh claims are the best economic managers wants to join a team that sets “Apira-tional targets as opposed to realistic ones.

Dhaliwal will fit right in with this BC Liberal crew given the pointers he probably picked up from his formal federal Liberal mates during the tail end of the sponsorship scandal.

I expect that come election night Sukh will find out there is still a place for him on the side lines as I am sure the voters haven’t forgotten.

Maybe while he is waiting he can help the Premier figure out why the women don’t support her in the polls.

That is unless he too in his heart is a Filipina!


While we are all getting prepared for the upcoming holiday season, I am also excited to be getting back on the campaign trail.

I have decided to accept the nomination to run in the next provincial election May 14 to represent my riding of Surrey-Panorama. My current MLA, Hon. Stephanie Cadieux, will be moving to Surrey-Cloverdale, where she lives, to take the place of the retiring Kevin Falcon.

I want to thank Kevin for his exceptional service to this province and especially to Surrey. While I was a Member of Parliament, Mr. Falcon was a great help to me on a number of issues. I wish Kevin and his family the best in their future.
The next election is a very critical one for our province. We are at a crossroads. I have made this decision to run because I am not prepared to sit on the sidelines.

I have lived in Surrey-Panorama for the past 15 years, raised my family here, built my business, and of course represented part of this riding as a Member of Parliament from 2006 to 2011.

As a small business owner with 12 employees, I am responsible for the incomes that support 12 families. The prospect of an NDP government is very concerning to me, and to many small business owners who I have spoken to throughout the riding.

It is very important that we have a government that believes in free enterprise and a competitive economic climate.

Premier Clark and the BC Liberals are the best choice to protect our economy, and I am proud to join the team to defend these principles.

As I always have, I believe in governance that is balanced – sound fiscal management with a social conscience. I believe that a thriving economy allows for strong investments in health care, in education, in social services, etc.

I also want to help the Premier keep taxes low, and make life more affordable for families and seniors. This is a fundamental principle that the NDP has seemed to forgotten – that the middle class will be squeezed out, and that they need relief, not extra tax burdens in order to pay for the basic services we deserve as British Columbians.

The future of our province is at stake, and my candidacy is my way of standing up for the people and the interests of Surrey-Panorama.

Mary Polak: BC Liberal Goals are “Aspira-tional”

What do you mean Polak said our Goals are “Aspira-tional”? That was supposed to be kept secret!

I didn’t make that up. Those words came from the mouth of Transportation Minister Mary Polak when she was describing the targets set by her department and questioned by auditor general John Doyle.

This is the same Mary Polak that told us during the HST discussion that BC had the lowest provincial sales tax rate in Canada conveniently leaving out the fact that Alberta has zero.

“Aspira-tional goals she said will be kept on the books to what; fire up the staff who know they don’t have a hope of hitting them.

What about setting some realistic goals with a realistic budget that we can all review and evaluate?

Speaking of budgets,I wonder if balancing the budget is “Aspira-tional” to this BC Liberal Government?

One can only imagine the ” aspira-tional” smoke and mirrors that will come out of Polak’s colleague Finance Minister Mike de Jong when that document is released.

What next? Maybe having an election in May will be “Aspira-tional” and that date will be changed when the house reconvenes in the New Year.

With these people you never know.

BC Liberals Dig Us Deeper In Debt!

Goofy: This Isn’t Fair!

Inept Premier BC Liberal Premier Christy Clark has been warning voters and taxpayers that today’s economic update was going to be full of bad news,

It was. The current year deficit has grown by $328 million.

According to current Finance Minister Mike De Jong is a delay in the closing of the sale of Little Mountain housing project. Dejong said he does not expect that to close until June.

DeJong then followed in Clark’s footsteps and said no matter, we will balance the budget next year as in February.


Here are a few things glossed over by both Premier Clark and Finance Manager de Jong.

1) Gone is the $40 million or so revenue from the Telus sign deal at BC Place or whatever you want to call.

2) Whether you were for or against the privatization of the Liquor Distribution Branch,getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar cost the Liberals $700 million which the previous Finance Minister had used in last years budget to project a balanced budget this year.

3) The piece de resistance ( although expenditure wise it pales in comparison to the above numbers) the $15 million your proud government just spent telling you how great they are.

Lets be clear about this too: As you are reading this thinking they are wasting your money, it’s beyond that. They are into your credit cards ( we don’t have any money) so it’s a lot worse.

To give this some context for you.Yesterday Toronto Mayor Rob Ford lost his job for using his letterhead to raise $3,100 for needy children while the BC Liberals used their letterhead to not only blow another $15 million to raise votes for themselves, but also sink you are your family $328 million further in debt.

Where is justice when you need it?

The Christy Clark BC Liberal Government Reaches a New Low!

We all missed a game changing opportunity!

I am not talking about a flashy new poll being released, I am talking about excluding Amanda Todd’s mother from the conference on bullying. How dumb can you get?

She should have been front and center showing those people the scars of her childs death.

Premier photo-op and crew have dropped the ball once again.In fact we all did.

This was an opportunity to set politics aside and do the real work to make life more bearable for the kids in the province.

Instead a meaningful conference once again becomes a political football and a huge fumble for the Premier of our province.

You would have thought she would have been a little smarter given the vote she wants to recover is the women’s vote.

I recall, when my granddaughter was killed last October and I was in Comox for the funeral, there were a number of stories written in the local papers about kids, girls in particular committing suicide in the area. The deaths were not necessarily attributable to bullying but symptomatic of a larger problem that affects kids in this day and age.

I think there was three in the space of a month.

Something needs to be done and it has to be a lot more than the political hi-jinks of the last week.

Part of the problem is that we all stand back and accept this stuff from our politicians again and again.

We go to the polls like sheep and vote based on party lines. Those that don’t vote are making a statement albeit the wrong one.

All of us need to get involved,get outraged, be it at the next election or even now and ensure everybody knows that the status quo is no longer acceptable.

Folks did over the HST and it made a difference.

Otherwise we will get more of the same under the guise of change.

In the coming weeks I will write a post describing what I think people want and desperately need in their governments today.

We need to make real change and make the Amanda Todd’s of the world’s lives mean something.

We need to do more than what the BC Liberal government has been doing.

It’s time for real change and that time is now!

Mike de Jong: Don’t worry we will find a billion dollars by next spring!

What me Worry? it’s only a billion dollars!

In another moment straight out of Mad Magazine, Finance Minister Alfred E.Neuman AKA Mike de Jong said with his best ‘what me worry’ look that the taxpayers were on the hook for a billion dollars that has gone missing due to decreased natural gas prices.

de Jong still claims that the budget will be balanced next year before the election.

How can you say that given all the variables that make up balancing the budget, natural gas prices being but one.

Unless of course the loss of a billion is yet in another list of BC Liberal lies , smoke and mirrors.

Former Finance Minister Kevin Falcon was more believable in that role than you and I am sure he would have seen that coming and sent up a warning to get people prepared.

Not only that Mike but your replacement over in Health had to have the RCMP pay a visit to investigate some potential criminal action over there. This would have happened right under your nose.

I would also expect you will be busy with the BC Rail mess.That in self should be fun for you given that you will be running back and forth from one side of the court room to the other given that you were the attorney general during the Basi Virk case.

It seems Mike that everywhere you go a mess is sure to follow. You are no more believable now than when you were part of the team that said no to the HST back in election 2009.

The province would be better off with Alfred E. Neuman presenting the next budget, at least we would know it for what it is.

Anybody have anything to add?

Kevin Krueger Must have read my earlier blog today!

Hasta La Vista Knucklehead!

That would be the early morning post entitled:BC Liberal Government knows they are going to lose!

Why else would he have chosen today to announce he’s not running.

I have two words to describe my reaction when I first heard the news today : SO WHAT!

He is a loudmouth and a boar. Who needs him?

As I thought about it the rest of the day two more words came to mind : WHO CARES!

Now maybe Kamloops-South Thompson will get an MLA that will treat the office with the respect and dignity it deserves.

What do you think?

BC Rail: Christy Clark Should Order a Full,Immediate and Quick Inquiry!

Enough pictures already,CALL the Inquiry!

David Basi’s memo makes a great case that Christy Clark is a liar.

Clark has fumbled and BS’d around on this and other files since she took over as Premier.

Assuming she has nothing to hide she should have gotten out in front of this her early days as Premier.

She hasn’t and now she has nobody but herself to blame for all the trouble that she is in.

Instead of sending attack dog and resident dimwit of the Premier’s office, Sarah MacIntyre, on the offensive ,Christy Clark should call an immediate,no holds barred inquiry into BC Rail.

I mean if she has nothing to hide what would stop her?

She seems to be reviewing everything else the government does.

So what harm does one more review do? ( If she has nothing to hide).

I bet the expanse of the inquiry would be something to taxpayer would be glad to pay to put behind them.

So Clark should do the right thing ( if she has nothing to hide) and call the inquiry.

After all the public has been clamoring for her to get out in front of this file since she took the oath of office.

So Premier,if you have nothing to hide, do the right thing and call an inquiry and specially have the role you played thoroughly reviewed.

It’s the right thing to do!

What do you think?

What should be happening in the BC Liberal Party.

Time to play Change the Leader!

In light of the damning memo revealed on the blog of Alex G.Tsakumis, my experience in politics tells me that although the Liberals are putting on a brave face, discussions have to have started within the BC Liberal Party with respect to Clark and her leadership.

I believe and have seen this before that the time for pussy footing around is long past.

The BC Liberal Executive would have at the very least discussed this issue over the phone and if they haven’t met in person will do so shortly.

As well I am sure the cabinet or members of the BC Liberal Cabinet would have or will start discussing Clark’s leadership too!

For these people it is a matter of survival especially for the elected MLA’s for who this is their job.

You will soon see that the family first agenda applies to their families.

I am sure that the Executive will ( if they have not already) reach out too a trusted colleague like a Shirley Bond .

They would probably want her as a senior cabinet minister to approach the Premier and ask her to step down.

That person would meet with cabinet and discuss the best approach.

This happens only when the party is serious about cleaning up its act in the short term as surely the Liberals would be now.

The nagging question is Who will replace Clark?

If Kevin Falcon doesn’t Trust Premier Christy Clark why should You?

This is directed squarely at you Christy, stop with the unapproved spending!

This post could also be called Christy Clark: Et Tu, Kevin Part 2.

This is not the first time Kevin Falcon has been front and center rapping the Premier over the Financial knuckles and the “leaked” memo is more than likely directed towards Premier Christy Clark and all her photo-optic financial announcements.

This might also explain Transportation Minister Blair Lekstrom not wanting to discuss tolling costs for the Port Mann Bridge.

But make no mistake about it, this is yet another shot across the bow of the lame duck leadership of Premier Christy Clark.

Combine that with recent poll results showing Clark no longer out performs her party and you gotta wonder how long before things get really ugly!

How much longer before Christy Clark is shown the door?

What do you think, will the caucus get rid of her or will it be the electorate in May 2013?

Sh*t my Premier Says

Believe me,Nobody BS’s and Lies like Premier Clark!

It seems every Friday we end with a blog post detailing the Shenanigans, Gaffes and Bulls*t Premier Christy Clark and her Government are responsible for..

Every week we get hand delivered a new set of lies . It’s almost as if you can go to the BC Liberal web site,enter your email or subscribe and get straight to your inbox this weeks nonsense.

It’s simple just set up a Google Alert and every night like a horror movie your Blackberry or iPhone goes ping and you can see first hand what Christy Clark screwed up that day.

Be prepared,each nights Alert is a long list.

This week I have received a plethora of stories from such authors as Ales G Tsakumis , Warren Kinsella and Michael Smyth. Tonight no doubt I will get one from Lindsay Kines.

Sometimes I even get my own, although this week I entitled my Blog Piece about the fumbling of the Clark Government: Stephanie Cadieux should resign! I don’t have an Alert set up for her because, well, she is irrelevant.( I heard her on the radio a day or so later and she sounded even more incompetent on that medium)

This brings us to a piece by Justine Hunter discussing the BC Liberals trying to work out their differences with the BC Conservatives.

No matter what Fantasy land Phil Hochstein or John Reynolds live in, this will never happen.

The Clark Government don’t know how to tell the truth and certainly will never earn my trust.( or the voting public’s for that matter)

A child could be drowning in the Fraser River and Clark and her entire cabinet could form a chain and pull the kid to safety. The public’s reaction: So what; they were probably looking for a photo-op and tossed the kid there in the first place!

Nothing can save these people because they have passed the point of no return. Certainly no BC Conservative I have ever met would want to join up with them.

Why would we. These people are arrogant and corrupt as we shall see if we ever get lucky enough to have a full inquiry into BC Rail.

They need to be flushed away in the next election.

For a lot of us with Christy Clark in Google Alerts it can’t come soon enough!

What are your thoughts?