BC Liberals Dig Us Deeper In Debt!

Goofy: This Isn’t Fair!

Inept Premier BC Liberal Premier Christy Clark has been warning voters and taxpayers that today’s economic update was going to be full of bad news,

It was. The current year deficit has grown by $328 million.

According to current Finance Minister Mike De Jong is a delay in the closing of the sale of Little Mountain housing project. Dejong said he does not expect that to close until June.

DeJong then followed in Clark’s footsteps and said no matter, we will balance the budget next year as in February.


Here are a few things glossed over by both Premier Clark and Finance Manager de Jong.

1) Gone is the $40 million or so revenue from the Telus sign deal at BC Place or whatever you want to call.

2) Whether you were for or against the privatization of the Liquor Distribution Branch,getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar cost the Liberals $700 million which the previous Finance Minister had used in last years budget to project a balanced budget this year.

3) The piece de resistance ( although expenditure wise it pales in comparison to the above numbers) the $15 million your proud government just spent telling you how great they are.

Lets be clear about this too: As you are reading this thinking they are wasting your money, it’s beyond that. They are into your credit cards ( we don’t have any money) so it’s a lot worse.

To give this some context for you.Yesterday Toronto Mayor Rob Ford lost his job for using his letterhead to raise $3,100 for needy children while the BC Liberals used their letterhead to not only blow another $15 million to raise votes for themselves, but also sink you are your family $328 million further in debt.

Where is justice when you need it?

3 thoughts on “BC Liberals Dig Us Deeper In Debt!”

  1. The Liberal are purposely sabotaging the province for the next goverment they just simple do not care.we want a honest goverment.Clark number one priority is sabotage the province and increase pension and severance package for all the bureaucrats that are going to lose their appointed jobs.It’s time for a new government in BC that will do what is necessary, that being the reduction in administrative personnel in all departments, the freezing of all management salaries, cancelling self voted on severance and pension packages. There is way too much fat in the BC liberal government bureaucracy especial worksafe.bc , icbc, translink, Bc ferries. Ask yourselves this question; what do BC Ferries, TransLink, ICBC,worksafe.bc BC Hydro, MSP all have in common. Answer; they are ALL mismanaged, they are ALL controlled by BC liberal Government, they are ALL treated as CASH COWS, they are ALL run by people who have been imported out Province. The wages and benefits these imports receive is disgusting considering the state of affairs these various agencies are in. .The BC liberals paid ex BC ferries CEO David Hahn more than the prime minster,BC premier and all the admirals in the navy combined,WHY !The BC liberals do not want to touch the huge hog trough pay raises and bonuses to their executives.Total cost of ‘management’ should be 3% of operations … I’ll bet its nearly half the cost. When the liberal government hands you money and you have a monopoly you should balance the books every time.The BC liberal government is directly 100% responsible for the bad shape of these organizations.The BC liberals used BC ferries for political reasons.FACT 90% % of BC ferries,translink, worksafeBC managers , vice presidents , senior staff,full time spokes person, patronage appointments should be fired,For example BC ferries could be run out of a one room office with only 36 ships in it fleet.How can anyone with a shred of decency, morals, intelligence, integrity, honesty and common sense defend the liberals on how they govern this province.The BC liberals had no problem tearing up signed and negotiated contract for union members, how about roll back for MLAs raises and pensions. The BC liberals ripped up legal negotiated contracts but have no problem giving themselves and nice big fat, self voted on severance and pension check. It’s also a FACT my wages were rolled back 15% shortly before the Libs gave themselves a nice raise.Not only are they a present lame duck government, but a future bankrupt party as well.,topping up severance &pension package for bureaucrats is the number one BC liberal priority, they just wasted 65 millions dollars of taxpayers money tell us what a good job their doing.The BC liberals are so out of touch and lack any basic common sense there are simply unaware of their own gross incompetence.It does not seem that an election is not only desirable, but absolutely necessary if we hope to salvage any future for our province and our children.

  2. It’s just going to get worse. According to the Heartland Institute the BC taxpayer is on the hook for 320 billion dollars of pension fees payed out in the next 15 to 20 years… and those numbers are exclusively for Provincial workers, not cities and municipalities. The media will make sure the corrupt NDP win the next election and Provincial bankruptcy will surely follow. The only hope is a rational, non social engineering, fiscally responsible Government, like the BC Conservatives, but the lefty forces against any sort of Conservative governance are formidable, they make the most noise and the media are infested with them… So the NDP it will be, and things will simply get worse and worse I’m afraid. Sad state of affairs that should never have happened, but this Province is corrupt and adrift.

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