Rich Coleman:So Just Who Will Feel The Wrath Of the Bully During Election 2013? #bcpoli #bccp2013 #bully

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First this post assumes two things, namely that there will be an election in BC in May 2013 and secondly that Rich Coleman will run again.

Neither of these two are gimmes given BC’s political climate and the party and province’s distaste for the Premier and Liberal leader Christy Clark.

It is possible that when the house returns, the majority Liberals will move (due to some manufactured calamity like Clark being deposed/ disposed of as leader) to introduce legislation to move ahead the fixed election date.

It is also not a gimme that Richie C will run again ( despite the blustery BS from him to the contrary) given the fact that he will most certainly be relegated to the back benches.

Also remember that a mere 6 months or so after the provincial election, nominations and preparations will begin for the next federal election. This is an election where the Prime Minister has pledged open nominations in all seats including Conservative bastions where Coleman resides and votes.He could find that enticing!

Also Clark could get the boot which also might look attractive to Coleman to make a run for her job too under and different election date.

But should things stay on course and we have an election in May, just exactly who might feel the wrath of Rich Coleman just a few scant months from now?

For the answer to that you need look no farther than the recent BC Liberal leadership campaign.

If you recall Coleman mulled over a run for the roses back then and changed his mind.

Ever wonder why that was?

One reason: Mary Polak bailed on him and threw her support behind Kevin Falcon.

Think Coleman has forgotten?

There is about as much chance of that as Polak forgetting that Coleman actually helped put a lot of money in her campaign in 2009 ( nothing untoward, it’s just how the BC Liberals do things).

Not a chance that will happen this time, nor will the volunteers from Coleman’s crew pitch in and help her out either.

Nope, Polak will have more to worry about than the specter of Cummins, the BC Conservatives,Green Party and the NDP to take her seat away.

She will have to spend her days wondering where Rich Coleman will strike next!

Don’t feel sorry for her , she of all people should have known what Coleman was like.

Christy Clark and Mary Polak: Port Mann Bridge Open; Seasonably! #bcpoli,#canpoli

Christy Clark Pointing to Canned Hot AIR Imported From the Liberal Caucus Used to Melt remaining Ice On Port Mann Bridge!

They built a new 8 lane bridge only drive-able in good weather!

Can’t the BC Liberals do anything right?

You think at least on of the geniuses somewhere would have taken into consideration that yes, even in Vancouver winter rears it’s ugly head once in a while.

But no not in Liberal land.

If you are reading this from outside the province, our brand new bridge was shut down in the first winter storm of the year due to falling ice and snow hitting cars and breaking windshields.

This bridge is a major transportation route that is tolled between downtown Vancouver and the suburbs.

One can only imagine the mess that would have occurred had the old one been torn down already.


May 2013 can’t come soon enough can it?

Mary Polak: BC Liberal Goals are “Aspira-tional”

What do you mean Polak said our Goals are “Aspira-tional”? That was supposed to be kept secret!

I didn’t make that up. Those words came from the mouth of Transportation Minister Mary Polak when she was describing the targets set by her department and questioned by auditor general John Doyle.

This is the same Mary Polak that told us during the HST discussion that BC had the lowest provincial sales tax rate in Canada conveniently leaving out the fact that Alberta has zero.

“Aspira-tional goals she said will be kept on the books to what; fire up the staff who know they don’t have a hope of hitting them.

What about setting some realistic goals with a realistic budget that we can all review and evaluate?

Speaking of budgets,I wonder if balancing the budget is “Aspira-tional” to this BC Liberal Government?

One can only imagine the ” aspira-tional” smoke and mirrors that will come out of Polak’s colleague Finance Minister Mike de Jong when that document is released.

What next? Maybe having an election in May will be “Aspira-tional” and that date will be changed when the house reconvenes in the New Year.

With these people you never know.

Christy Clark’s BC Liberals: The Vote Buying Continues!

Christy Clark: In my Heart I am a Vote Buyer!

Christy Clark, Mary Polak and the BC Liberals continued the vote buying today with a pre-election discount on the yet to be opened Port Mann Bridge.

You recall this all started last February in the run-up to the April by-elections and continued with Clark bribing people with another holiday last May.

Today the giveaways continued with the $1.50 discount day sale over at the Port Mann. It will now only cost you $3 per day to cross instead of $6.

I wonder how the voters that travel the Golden Ears Feel,A might ripped off I would imagine.

Remember to we are privatizing over at the liquor distribution branch to clear up the budget short fall.

How will they buy your votes next?

Lots of ways probably, given that today’s poll showed them picking up 3 points to the NDP. They are still getting hammered ( Down by 20%) so be prepared for more election style give a ways.

Clark and the BC have lots to be concerned about in this poll mind you. With all the recent turmoil the 4 dissidents have caused the BC Conservatives you would have thought they would have attracted Conservative support back. They didn’t.

This just proves that ( over and above the 4 dissidents in the BC Conservative Party), people are smarter than Clark gives them credit for.

The Liberals also picked up their 3 % with Clark out of the picture ( in Asia making deals she will never be around to see consummated) and away from the camera where she usually gets herself in trouble.

Smart Liberals ( if there are any) will be pulling out calculators trying to figure what kind of bounce they would get in the polls if Clark was gone for good!

Will the vote-buying continue or will Clark get the boot?

What do you think?