Christy Clark : The Vote Buying Starts today!

Come Hell or High water I will buy your vote!

Make no mistake about it, the gun has sounded to start the next election.

Inept, Unelected Premier Christy Clark of the BC Liberals is out of the gate with her vote-buying scheme of giving you an additional day off in February.

Not only that,she wants to include you in the decision-making process.

Not the part that matters ( your budget), just wants your opinion on which day in February to have it.

Why? She could care less what day the holiday falls on, she wants to buy your vote. She will rub your face in it with photo op after photo op between today and next May when the election happens.

So what about the holiday?

Well, if 20 % of British Columbia’s employees work in one form or another for the government, you as a taxpayer will have to fund their festivities. This is a tax increase in disguise.

If you are one of those folks reading this and sitting at home thinking “What ! They need more time off,they never do anything anyways.” How does that make you feel?

This comes on the heels of your MSP bill coming in the mail with its increase ( Those folks that fall in the 20% mentioned above get free MSP on you, so the increase didn’t affect them either).

But, according to the Labour Market Information Gateway , 57% of people are employed in Small Business in BC.

If you are amongst the aforementioned 57%, this new holiday will add extra stress in your life via looking over your shoulder and wondering whether your employer can afford to have you work enough days to qualify you for that special day off.

This is not a holiday for small business owners and entrepreneurs, rather it is a tax grab.

Add this in with gas,carbon, MSP,Hydro,increased minimum wage and all the other assorted taxes and it becomes quite clear.

Businesses have to survive and socialist governments like the BC Liberals don’t make it any easier.

So before you buy what Christy Clark and her gang are selling over the next 12 months ask yourself what will it really cost?

Can you afford to pay for it?