Christy Clark and Mary Polak: Port Mann Bridge Open; Seasonably! #bcpoli,#canpoli

Christy Clark Pointing to Canned Hot AIR Imported From the Liberal Caucus Used to Melt remaining Ice On Port Mann Bridge!

They built a new 8 lane bridge only drive-able in good weather!

Can’t the BC Liberals do anything right?

You think at least on of the geniuses somewhere would have taken into consideration that yes, even in Vancouver winter rears it’s ugly head once in a while.

But no not in Liberal land.

If you are reading this from outside the province, our brand new bridge was shut down in the first winter storm of the year due to falling ice and snow hitting cars and breaking windshields.

This bridge is a major transportation route that is tolled between downtown Vancouver and the suburbs.

One can only imagine the mess that would have occurred had the old one been torn down already.


May 2013 can’t come soon enough can it?

10 thoughts on “Christy Clark and Mary Polak: Port Mann Bridge Open; Seasonably! #bcpoli,#canpoli”

  1. Premier Clark just lost a good photo ops and media announcement ! !now she has to come up with excuses to try to shift the blame Sad when the liberal built a brand new bridge and it can’t handle the weather,Clark’s damage control team must be working overtime ( which almost has become a daily exercise) trying to get her off the hook again. Unfortunately for her and the liberals, the hook keeps burying itself deeper and deeper every time she opens her mouth. How many times can she and her high priced spin doctors say the word “may” without losing all credibility? !it would be so wonderful to actually somewhat trust the government. But they have been caught up in so many lies .It clear the Government did not listen to the engineers or designer and has not for the past couple of years,which is typical of the BC liberal government.Anytime a BC Liberal bureaucrats gets involved in ANYTHING it is a screw up.Expect Clark to AWOL again ! and refuses to address issues brought up – she simply ignores them.

  2. Lucky no one was killed…

    It’s not like Christy and Mary built the bridge single handily or had any role in selecting the final bridge design though, so lets lay blame on the people who did – the engineers.

    1. The questions should have been asked and the bridge inspected properly. Both politicians were in too much of a hurry for photo-ops

  3. What a bloody joke… I’m glad I don’t have to use that bridge, I mean one has to question whether or not the thing is safe if it can’t handle… the weather… what else can’t it handle? This Province deserves so much better than the Clarks and the Dix’s. The bridge can’t handle the weather? Pathetic!

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