Mike de Jong: Don’t worry we will find a billion dollars by next spring!

What me Worry? it’s only a billion dollars!

In another moment straight out of Mad Magazine, Finance Minister Alfred E.Neuman AKA Mike de Jong said with his best ‘what me worry’ look that the taxpayers were on the hook for a billion dollars that has gone missing due to decreased natural gas prices.

de Jong still claims that the budget will be balanced next year before the election.

How can you say that given all the variables that make up balancing the budget, natural gas prices being but one.

Unless of course the loss of a billion is yet in another list of BC Liberal lies , smoke and mirrors.

Former Finance Minister Kevin Falcon was more believable in that role than you and I am sure he would have seen that coming and sent up a warning to get people prepared.

Not only that Mike but your replacement over in Health had to have the RCMP pay a visit to investigate some potential criminal action over there. This would have happened right under your nose.

I would also expect you will be busy with the BC Rail mess.That in self should be fun for you given that you will be running back and forth from one side of the court room to the other given that you were the attorney general during the Basi Virk case.

It seems Mike that everywhere you go a mess is sure to follow. You are no more believable now than when you were part of the team that said no to the HST back in election 2009.

The province would be better off with Alfred E. Neuman presenting the next budget, at least we would know it for what it is.

Anybody have anything to add?

4 thoughts on “Mike de Jong: Don’t worry we will find a billion dollars by next spring!”

  1. One thing I do not get is that if the government is in such dire financial straits how can they explain or justify the privatization of the LDB. AFAIK, the LDB generates ~$900M in profit annual for the government so why would they want to give up this source of revenue if they are so desperate for money?

  2. 1 billion missing?
    Exactly the amount they said they paid to their liebral friends over at Itron for the not cancer causing smart meter program tat no one appears to want.

  3. Yes, I too get Mad when I listen to his spin. BC Rail is quite the mess. The Chief Justice will not be mocked. Lots going on in court room 32.

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