Sukh Dhaliwal: His Candidacy is His Way of Standing Up for the Interests of Sukh Dhaliwal!

Former Federal Liberal Sukh Dhaliwal Joins the BC Liberal Team!

Below you can read the email from Sukh Dhaliwal introducing himself as the BC Liberal Candidate for the riding of Surrey- Panoramma .

He says he is not prepared to sit on the sidelines and be an observer during the next election.

Lets be clear: Sukh is on the sidelines because the voters in his federal Electoral District handed him his head on a silver platter in the last federal election.

His email proves he hasn’t learned the lesson the voters sent him.

He follows a Premier who, in year end interviews says she will continue to follow the same course she has followed in the last 21 months.

This course includes bringing in the HST,taking her sweet time getting rid of it once the people by referendum directed her to, adding an extra holiday, raising the minimum wage all at great cost to the very same small business people that Sukh claims to be a part of.

They have raised just about every rate you can name and at the same time say they have a family first agenda.

We have been gouged with gas,carbon and toll taxes in the BC Liberals continuing war in the car.

We have watched as they tried to sell of the Liquor Distribution Branch in their latest attempt at a cash grab necessary to balance the budget.

This failure was followed by the recent beer-gate scandal

Did I hear somebody say Trans Link mismanagement? The BC Liberals took part in that too.

The BC liberals, who Sukh claims are the best economic managers wants to join a team that sets “Apira-tional targets as opposed to realistic ones.

Dhaliwal will fit right in with this BC Liberal crew given the pointers he probably picked up from his formal federal Liberal mates during the tail end of the sponsorship scandal.

I expect that come election night Sukh will find out there is still a place for him on the side lines as I am sure the voters haven’t forgotten.

Maybe while he is waiting he can help the Premier figure out why the women don’t support her in the polls.

That is unless he too in his heart is a Filipina!


While we are all getting prepared for the upcoming holiday season, I am also excited to be getting back on the campaign trail.

I have decided to accept the nomination to run in the next provincial election May 14 to represent my riding of Surrey-Panorama. My current MLA, Hon. Stephanie Cadieux, will be moving to Surrey-Cloverdale, where she lives, to take the place of the retiring Kevin Falcon.

I want to thank Kevin for his exceptional service to this province and especially to Surrey. While I was a Member of Parliament, Mr. Falcon was a great help to me on a number of issues. I wish Kevin and his family the best in their future.
The next election is a very critical one for our province. We are at a crossroads. I have made this decision to run because I am not prepared to sit on the sidelines.

I have lived in Surrey-Panorama for the past 15 years, raised my family here, built my business, and of course represented part of this riding as a Member of Parliament from 2006 to 2011.

As a small business owner with 12 employees, I am responsible for the incomes that support 12 families. The prospect of an NDP government is very concerning to me, and to many small business owners who I have spoken to throughout the riding.

It is very important that we have a government that believes in free enterprise and a competitive economic climate.

Premier Clark and the BC Liberals are the best choice to protect our economy, and I am proud to join the team to defend these principles.

As I always have, I believe in governance that is balanced – sound fiscal management with a social conscience. I believe that a thriving economy allows for strong investments in health care, in education, in social services, etc.

I also want to help the Premier keep taxes low, and make life more affordable for families and seniors. This is a fundamental principle that the NDP has seemed to forgotten – that the middle class will be squeezed out, and that they need relief, not extra tax burdens in order to pay for the basic services we deserve as British Columbians.

The future of our province is at stake, and my candidacy is my way of standing up for the people and the interests of Surrey-Panorama.