The Christy Clark BC Liberal Government Reaches a New Low!

We all missed a game changing opportunity!

I am not talking about a flashy new poll being released, I am talking about excluding Amanda Todd’s mother from the conference on bullying. How dumb can you get?

She should have been front and center showing those people the scars of her childs death.

Premier photo-op and crew have dropped the ball once again.In fact we all did.

This was an opportunity to set politics aside and do the real work to make life more bearable for the kids in the province.

Instead a meaningful conference once again becomes a political football and a huge fumble for the Premier of our province.

You would have thought she would have been a little smarter given the vote she wants to recover is the women’s vote.

I recall, when my granddaughter was killed last October and I was in Comox for the funeral, there were a number of stories written in the local papers about kids, girls in particular committing suicide in the area. The deaths were not necessarily attributable to bullying but symptomatic of a larger problem that affects kids in this day and age.

I think there was three in the space of a month.

Something needs to be done and it has to be a lot more than the political hi-jinks of the last week.

Part of the problem is that we all stand back and accept this stuff from our politicians again and again.

We go to the polls like sheep and vote based on party lines. Those that don’t vote are making a statement albeit the wrong one.

All of us need to get involved,get outraged, be it at the next election or even now and ensure everybody knows that the status quo is no longer acceptable.

Folks did over the HST and it made a difference.

Otherwise we will get more of the same under the guise of change.

In the coming weeks I will write a post describing what I think people want and desperately need in their governments today.

We need to make real change and make the Amanda Todd’s of the world’s lives mean something.

We need to do more than what the BC Liberal government has been doing.

It’s time for real change and that time is now!

11 thoughts on “The Christy Clark BC Liberal Government Reaches a New Low!”

  1. The first order of business for the new goverment should be a full scale public inquiry in the BC rail sales fraud scandal.Selling a very valuable BC taxpayer owned asset.
    I’m waiting to hear from NDP is the announcement of an inquiry into B.C. Rail sale fraud scandal. with subpoena’s, and an inquiry into the Basi.Virk payolla, with more subpoena’s. That should put unelected premier Crusty Clark on a one way ticket to a non extradition treaty country, to avoid jail time for fraud.Former senior liberal cabinet minster Collin Hansen will probably sing like a canary, as he was going to when the liberal approved spending 6 million dollars of taxpayer money, paid to Basi and Virk lawyers hush money to have the whole thing put to bed.

    1. Which would be nice and the public deserves the inquiry. I don’t think the NDP will ever do would open up similar inquiries against them in the future. Just saying is all….

  2. I was floored by CC’s appearance at the summit… smiling, smiling, smiling as if this somehow had something to do with her!! (Which it was totally engineered to do.)
    Someone in her position should perceive that this ‘summit’ SHOULD reflect a serious demeanor and her party face was inappropriate.
    Not inviting Mr and Ms Todd was so totally crass and unfeeling that it gobsmacked me.
    The fact that CC ‘splurged’ some bucks and a duplication of a bullying hotline is appalling in the face of her $15 million advertising campaign that WE are paying for… and the $1.5 million that is going to a party planner for “Family Day” in February.
    There is something totally screwed up in her priority department!

    1. Totally screwed up!

      That 15 million totaly blows me away everytime I hear the number in an age when we are supposed to be tightening our belts.

      Wasn’t that long ago programs for kids had to be cut for much less money.

  3. As G.Mcrae said, it was a no win situation for CC. Addressing the problem of bullying is almost like addressing the infamous “root causes of crime”,which all politicians have promised to do for the last forty years,with few results.

    The Liberal Party bigwigs apparently think everything is just rosy regarding their position in the hearts of BC’ers,and they fully expect to be reelected next May.

    At least that’s what they SAY. I have a hard time believing that,surely they have enough expertise in public relations to realise the voters of BC are fairly seething in anger at this government. Maybe not,they could be as blind as the conservatives who thought Romney would win.

    And “David” you make some good points,but please use some “white spaces”, your post is most difficult to read.

    1. There have been a lot of different discourses and discussions on why she was not allowed to be present. The problem is as always that this government has not communicated truthly why this happened in the first place. It seems like a major pawn off beaucracy.

  4. Jeff,
    The death of a child is a terrible thing, but a suicide is the worst because it could be prevented. Children at the conference probably would be strong enough to see Ms. Todd, or else why would they be there? Her presence could also underline the devastation that follows so selfish an act as suicide — a parent left with no alternatives. That idea alone might deter some deaths.
    For the organizer to suppose that her presence might suggest to other bereived parents that not all teen suicides are equally important Is absurd. Cameron seemed to forget that Amanda simply was more visible because of her heart-breaking video. Visibility and importance are not interchangeable.

  5. I wonder if people would have criticized Christy for using a tragedy for political gain had Amanda Todd’s mother been invited to the conference. I truly believe this is a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” type of thing.

    I don’t agree with 99.9% of what Christy stands for, but I think that she is sincere about anti-bullying. HST, BC Rail are fair game, but to lay this at Christy’s feet when it was some bureaucrat made the decision is gutter politics at best.

  6. How can anyone with a shred of decency, morals, intelligence, integrity, honesty and common sense defend the liberals on how they govern this province.More smoke and mirrors from the Liberals and Clark to give the impression that they are interested in what voters think., when in actual fact, they could care less. Where was the consultation with major, complicated , pervasive issues such as the HST and smart meters but which the liberals are using to create an illusion that they care. They don’t. Their arrogance is still evident on their major policies and priorities.Your Government does not listen to the voters and has not for the past decade. In fact it is not listening even now. The HST debacle, BC Rail scandal, Smart Meters, spiraling costs in MSP premiums,fee increases, ICBC, Hydro rates, pilfering profits (taxpayer money) from Hydro and ICBC to cover up your screwed up under estimated budgets. You have refused to listen and now its too late! The chickens are coming home to roost. So be as hard nosed as you wish Miss Premier Unelected and suggest you will lead your party into the next election. Go ahead you’ll be toast then for sure. The latest by elections are just a taste of whats to come for you and your corrupt party!you out we are fed up with lies deceit and corruption at every turn! BC taxpayers are finally waking up to the fact that Christy campbell Clark and her crew are as destructive as Gordy “the lair “Campbell and maybe even worse. She hired Stevie Harper former flunky press secretary verbal diaharrha mounthpeice Sarah MacIntyre. She also hired Enbridge professional trained lobbyist Ken Boessenkool as her chief of staff who was a senior policy adviser and strategist for Stevie Harper. Enough lies and a election please.Too bad the taxpayer could not vote to revoke or cancel there pension and severance packages they voted themselves.

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